Sunday, March 03, 2013

Will Work For... Spam?

OK, what is is lately with all the Spam?  Every day, after spending up to and over an hour writing my blog, I come back and get so excited to see I have about 10 comments waiting to be published.  Then, I open up my comment box only to discover that it's nothing but SPAM, SPAM, and more SPAM.

"Loved your blog! Please visit my blog to learn how to cut down debt!"

"What a fantastic article you write.  It sounds as though you would enjoy visiting me at my blog to discover the benefits of discreet online dating."

"Sounds like you really know what you're talking about.  I think I'll add this blog to my list of favorites.  Please come and visit me on my blog."

"My brother told me about this blog, and he was right.  You definitely talk about articles that are enjoyment.  I enjoy finding other blogs that share the passion of creating homemade jewelry.  Please visit my blog and tell me what you think."

And don't even get me started on the amounts of weight loss pills and products I get spammed about.  I just picked these doozies because they have absolutely nothing to do with anything I talk about.  It's a little different when a spammer picks up on something I'm actually talking about.  But, when I spill my heart out about something wonderful my kids did or how I enjoyed shopping over the weekend or trying to lose weight - it's a little annoying to read spam about how great I am writing about topics I have not now, or ever written about.

And for the actual readers out there, this is why I require moderator approval before any comments get published.  If I didn't do that, I would have tons of comments every day...from bots trying to sell their wares.

I've always wondered why it was called Spam.  Is it because it reminds you of the nasty meat that comes in a can full of jelly?  You think you're getting something that will taste good, only to get a mouthful of horrid?  Maybe.

Sorry, Spam meat lovers.

But, whatever the reason, it's a big let down.  And annoying.  It's bad enough getting bombarded with telemarketing calls on my home phone, and now I have to get slammed with it day in and day out on my private piece of heaven that is my blog?

In other news, I'm down another 3.1lbs.  That's over the past couple of weeks - but with what I've been going through with Hubby having his surgery, fretting over wanting to move so bad, and the crazy that is my normal life - I'm happy about that.

That means I'm down 9.9lbs in a little over 2 months.  Not the best weight loss in the world, but it's down.  Can't complain about that.

Now,  I need to go and enjoy my Sunday...Spam free, I hope.


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