Friday, March 01, 2013

Hello, March!

What an exciting month March will be.  Dr. Seuss's birthday, St. Patrick's Day, first day of spring, and ending the month with Easter.  That makes for one very fun month, don't ya think?

As much as I love the winter, I'm so looking forward to things getting a little brighter and cheery.

I've already started to see some daffodils poke their heads out - and daffodils are my favorite flower.  They are so beautiful, and a clear cut sign that spring weather is on it's way.  Driving down the road, I can be in mid sentence in a very important conversation when I suddenly turn in to the dog from UP! and yell "Daffodils!"

There's also something about spring that brings the exerciser out in me.  For the past several years, I've always seen a spike in my fitness level around this time of the year.  The weather is getting warmer, but not too warm, which is the perfect scenario for getting out and walking and jogging.

Next month, is my annual 5K, too.  So, I really have to start thinking about getting some exercise in if I want to get that accomplished.

Today is going to be a fun day all by itself.  We are celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday today.  It will be a day full of fun and silliness, I'm sure.  And then tonight, the Jr. high finally get their Valentine's Formal...which has been rescheduled 3 times.  No snow for us, today, so we are good to go!

I'm just so ready to kick these winter blues to the curb and bring out my colorful, energetic side.  Winter is my favorite season - but for all the wrong reasons.  Christmas.  Cold weather.  Sitting on the couch curled up in a blanket.  Eating.  Sleeping.  Baggy sweat pants and baggy fleece pajamas.  Basically hibernating, but being awake in the process.

While I dislike the fact that spring usually brings me lots of seasonal allergy woes - it also brings about a new charge in me.  I get tired of the blah and get ready for the bazinga!  Which basically means I can shed my winter coat and start filling myself with energy.

So, goodbye winter and hello March!  I'm looking forward to having some fun with ya.


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