Saturday, March 09, 2013

House Hunters, Northwest Arkansas

Have you ever thought about being on a reality TV show?  With the boom of reality shows in the past few years, I've often heard people say "My life could be a reality show" or "I would love to be a part of that reality TV show".

I can happily say that I've very rarely uttered those words.  Unlike many, many people I know, I'm not a big fan of reality TV.  There's actually only two reality shows that I love - The Biggest Loser and House Hunters.  We all know what The Biggest Loser is, but unless you're a HGTV junkie, like me, you might not know what House Hunters is.

House Hunters is one reality show that I'd love to be a part of - just because what I'm going through right now with trying to find a house.  Basically, people are given three houses to look at and then they decide which house to buy.  And like pretty much every reality show out there, it's totally rigged.  Come to find out, the people on the show have already bought the house they chose - but they did originally go through the turmoil of finding a house.  The show just makes it look as though the turmoil is happening as the show unfolds.

This weekend, I'm basically creating an episode of House Hunters - minus the cameras and pay check that I'm sure people get for appearing on the actual show.  This entire weekend is all about looking at houses.

Today, Hubby and I are going to see a construction company to look at our options for building a house.  Yesterday, I looked at some property for sale that would be the PERFECT site for our dream home.  Only 10 minute drive to work for me, 20 minute drive for Hubby.  It's up on a beautiful hill with the most beautiful views.  And the best part?  It's affordable.  Like, REALLY affordable.  The land is situated behind a currently developing subdivision that's being populated with the hugest and most luxurious houses.  Of course, our house wouldn't be anything to that level... but it sure would be nice to live around houses like that.

However, if we find out today that building is just a little out of our price range - we have three houses waiting for us to look at tomorrow.

Our realtor has managed to stumble across three houses in the town next to us that are in our price range with pretty much everything we're looking for.

So, in my best House Hunters narrator voice....

Option number 1 is 4 bedroom/2 bath.  It's 1846 sq. feet.  If sits on an acre of land.  It's a quaint house with screened in porches, large trees in the yard, and lots of charm.  It's the cheapest of all three houses, but also the smallest.

Option number 2 is 4 bedroom/2 bath.  It's 2376 sq. feet.  It sits on just under an acre of land.  It has a in-ground pool, pool house, landscaped private yard, and a large "park-like" side yard.  If this house is anything like the pictures - it's BEAUTIFUL!  Hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, lots of open space.  And, will probably be a quick favorite of the three in terms of what it has to offer, location, and price.

Option number 3 is 4 bedroom/ 1 1/2 bath.  It's 2352 sq. feet.  It sits on 1.1 acres of land.  It has no pictures with the listing, and just listed yesterday.  The description says it has a game room, 2 living areas, a huge in-ground pool, hardwood floors, and granite countertops. It's so hard to give an opinion, though, because there's no pictures to look at.  The house offers the most land and privacy, but with the highest price tag of the three.

The list of must-have's Hubby and I have are:

4 bedroom
Outside the city limits
A big yard for the kids to play

All three houses offer these, except for option number 2 - because it's sitting right between two the privacy factor will be compromised.  Another downside is the fact that the town they are in is actually further away from both of our jobs - by about 10 or 15 minutes.  My commute to work each day is about 25 minutes and Hubby's is about 20 minutes.  Depending on which house we choose, we'll both be looking at a 35-40 minute commute one way each day.  That doesn't bother me, if it's a house we really love.

So, that's our game plan for this weekend.  Fingers crossed we at least walk away with a better understanding on whether we're going to build or buy.  If it's build, then we can start making the necessary steps.  If it's buy, then one of the houses we look at tomorrow is "the one".  Just as long as I can come out of this weekend with a better feel for how much longer it's going to be before we're moving!


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  1. Based on what you just listed, I think, option number 2 suits your needs well. It has everything that you listed here, and I feel that you're leaning toward this too. So, why not have an ocular visit and get a feel on the house. And to your plan on building a house, it would be really nice to build your dream house from scratch. But, I think, it'll cost more than just buying a house and remodeling it. Whatever you choose, keep us posted. Alright?


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