Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Biggest Loser Week 2 Weigh-In

Yesterday morning I spewed a post out about how nervous I was about my weigh-in.  I shouldn't say spewed, because that's not exactly a great word to describe my writing.  I mean spew to represent pouring my heart out - not throwing up!  Although with the nerves I was feeling, I could of easily done that, too!

Having that kind of pressure really makes me realize how much I want to win this competition.  I told you yesterday that I'm focused on the prize - but in reality, knowing that I could be a week or two a way from being under 200lbs has me feeling pretty giddy.  I've worked so hard to get this far.  Losing 57lbs is huge.  I've lost more than my two year old weighs!!  I'm so happy about that.  Now, I see that 200 mark in my sights...that's a big marker.  I want to run right past it and flip it the bird on my way.

So, I get to the school yesterday morning.  Before I left, I had 2 cups of coffee - that's it.  I didn't have my usual mug of coffee that I take for the drive.  My mental anxiety was so much that I even stressed that I was going to regret the two cups of coffee.  I wait patiently for the school nurse to arrive to do my weigh-in...OK, not exactly patiently...I paced up and down in the office - maybe I was trying to burn off a few more calories.  The nurse arrives.  I walk up to the scale.  She reminds me of my weight last week: 210lbs.  I step on to the scale...numbers are heart is racing...then I hear the "beep".  I couldn't look.  I looked at the nurse to see her expression.  Her eyebrows were raised - that's good, right?  I slowly look down... the scale says:  206.8  WHAT???  REALLY?  YAY!!!!  I jumped off the scale, let out a big cheer, and made the nurse laugh.  I couldn't of been more psyched.  In one week, I lost a total of 3.2lbs!!

After my weigh-in I was on cloud nine.  I felt so happy.  Then, after my excitement started to wear down - just a little - I started thinking that if I could lose 3lbs in a week with only working out twice - what I could I do if I actually did all of the work-outs I was supposed to?  If I run twice before next week, do two cardio circuit work-outs, and work-out with some weights...could I lose more than that?  There's only one way to find out - and that's exactly what I plan on doing!  The game is on now.  I had a great first weigh-in...but I know that I could of worked harder.  Knowing that I could of worked harder and still lost 3lbs tells me that this is it...I'm going to do this!! 

Last week, I shared that there was quite a difference between what the scale at work said about my weight compared to what my scale said.  I did get on my scale this morning - and there is still a difference - but to save my own sanity, I decided to put my scale away.  I'm not going to stand on it for the next nine weeks and only use the school scales.  I really want the excitement and nerves each week - it really pushes me to do well.  Even though the school scale says more than what my scale does - I'm totally fine with using that scale as my measure.  It gives me more weight to lose to get below the 200 mark - but then when I do use my scale again, it will be a lot nicer to look at the smaller number when it's all said and done. 

That's it for today.  I am so happy to share my success with you all.  Tonight, I'm hoping that the rescheduled cardio circuit work-out is still on - otherwise, I'm off to the track for a 4 mile run/walk. 

Till next time.  ;)

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