Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally Friday

Wow, what a relaxing morning!  The dim light from my lamp, the hum of my computer, and the rain playing a light drumming sound on the window sure are helping to melt my stresses away.

It's finally Friday.  It's time for me to share what I have planned for the weekend, so here goes... WORK!!  OK, I'm done..

Till next time. ;)

Just kidding - we all know there's no way I could write a blog post that short.  Not that I won't be spending my whole weekend working - cause that is exactly what I have planned - but I also really want to get a couple of work-outs in too.

After school today, I will be working at the school's annual fall festival.  I get to hair paint - whatever that is.  I'm excited about it because it's nice to be able to see the kids with their families enjoying some time outside of the classroom.  It also means no cardio circuit work-out tonight.  I will be at the school until 7 this evening, so I have a feeling I will be extremely tired when I get home.

Tomorrow, in between working and more working, I want to get some time in on the PS3 Move.  I have a feeling that I will be so overwhelmed by how much I have to get done I'm not going to feel like "working out" so I have to go for the next best thing.  Enjoying some time sword fighting with Hubby and the kids - and sweating my butt off in the process - will be fun.  This weekend, I need to get two weeks worth of lesson plans written, a couple of papers written, and sort the 200 books that arrived for me in the mail (gotta love Scholastic..LOL). 

Sunday the weather is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL.  The high, as of right now, says 68!!  If that's true, I won't be able to pass up the opportunity of getting out to the track.  I have a feeling I will need the break, and I definitely need to push myself this weekend.  If I don't feel like it, I hope I have the strength to make myself go.  I've used the weather as an excuse to not get outside and run... the weather is going to be perfect, so I need to be out there. 

That's the plan for my weekend.  Not very exciting - but sometimes I'd rather it not be.  I actually like having a weekend where I can get caught up on things, work in my PJ's, and not have to go anywhere...this will be one of those weekends.

Before I go, I want to give a quick update about my visit with my Grover's counselor yesterday.  She told me that she wanted to move him into the higher classroom.  That means instead of being with 1st - 4th graders, he'll be with 5th - 7th graders.  Grover is in 4th grade, but because he's so smart he's bored in the classroom he's in now.  His counselor thinks by challenging him, he may have less time to act out.  His teacher will be male, and his current counselor also wants to transfer him to a male counselor.  We both agree that Grover does better when under the supervision of a man.  He responded better when he was in public school and the principal was a man, so we're going to try it out at his school.  Due to the current problems Grover has been having, he's now being placed on two different meds.  One will hopefully help with the impulsiveness he has, and the other is to help focus him.  As long as "focus" doesn't mean "sedate", I'm OK to try it.  It's really getting to the point where both I and his counselor are running out of ideas - and the only step after this one is residential treatment.  Everyone please keep your fingers crossed, pray, send your thoughts - whatever it is that you do - that these changes help.  I don't know what I will do if it ends with my son having to go away.  I, I need him here with me. 

Till next time.  ;)

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