Monday, September 13, 2010

Is There Bigger Than California King?

I don't get it.  I don't understand why after 2 1/2 years, Zoe she just decides to sleep in my bed.  I've been really lucky in regards to her not sleeping with us.  She always slept great in her own bed, did the transition from crib to toddler bed just fine, toddler bed to twin just fine, but now she has taken a liking to my bed.

Now, I have a California King sized bed.  Hubby is gone at night, so you'd think that it would be OK if Zoe decided to keep Momma company for a night...huh!!  Oh, there is one other "person" that shares my bed - and that would be my Silky terrier, Asia.  Now, a dog + a 2 year old = very little room for me - even in a Cal King!  Being in bed with them two is like sleeping in a hot dog bun!  Zoe insists on curling up right next to me. No matter how many times I scoot her into the middle of the bed, within minutes she's curled up in my face.  No matter how many times I move my dog, within minutes, she's curled up in the arch of my back.  I'm wedged, unable to move, and trying to get a good night's sleep like that is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I have my wonderful hubby to thank for this.  He thought it would be a great idea to give Zoe her own steps into our bed.  Our bed is about her height, so she could never just jump into bed with us.  Because she's so independent, she wanted nothing to do with coming into our room in the middle of the night to be lifted into bed.  It's no surprise for her to go to sleep in her own bed, and then find her curled up on the couch the next morning - but now... now, she has her own steps that she can use to get into bed.  Thanks, honey!!

Last night, around 8pm, Zoe disappears.  After a few minutes, I hear the TV on in my room - so I go to inspect.  There's Zoe, with her pillow and blanket, curled up in my bed watching Dora.  Yes, the 2 year old knows how to turn the TV on AND how to find her favorite show... we're so proud.  I figure she'll watch TV for a while, get bored, and come out.  WRONG!! She falls asleep.  I try to go to bed at 10 - and that's when the fun of my trying to get some sleep begins.  After spending the night as a hot dog, I prayed for the sweet release of the alarm clock at 4am.  Of course, now though, I will be tired today.  I will come home, feel exhausted, and probably be in bed at 8...not how I like to start off my week!!  I can only hope that Zoe decides to sleep in her own bed - or on the couch - tonight.  If not, I'm thinking she can have the bed - and I will get a much better night's sleep on the couch.  If you're sitting there thinking "why don't you just move her?" Well, that is the easiest solution, but not as all as easy as it sounds.  Most of the time, I'm successful at moving her.  Some of the time, she wakes up as if her batteries have been completely recharged - even after being asleep for a little while - and then I'm up for another 3 to 4 hours before she decides it's time to go back to sleep.  When you go to bed at 10, and know you have to get up at 4, you really don't want to risk it. 

So, I get to start my week off ranting about my bad night's sleep.  Let's hope that sharing my bed with a 2 year old and a dog is the worst thing I have to deal with this week.  I have my cardio circuit work-out tonight, and my Biggest Loser weigh in tomorrow morning.  I'm really excited to see what kind of progress I made this week.  I have been a good girl, and stayed off of my scale.  I really want the element of surprise - whether good or bad - so I'm going to stick with just weighing in once a week for BL.

Well, guess I better leave it at that for today.  Never like starting the week off with a rant - but it was on my mind this morning, so I got to share...that's what this thing is for, right?

Till next time.  ;)

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