Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Reinventing the Wheel

I think of myself as a person that thrives on structure and routine.  I want my life to be the "same ol' same ol'" each and every day (except weekends).  I get up, I get ready, I go to work, I come home...etc. I find that I function better on routine, and if that routine doesn't work - I find a new one. 

I feel like after being back at school for over a week now, I should have a handle on my new routine - and be doing it every day.  For the most part, that's true.  I get up, I get ready, I go to work, I come home....but something is missing, something important...and I'm feeling the pressure of not having this important thing as a part of my "regular" routine.  That thing is my working out. 

I haven't really worked out (like I'm used to) since starting my internship.  I've told myself every day that I will do it - and then I don't.  That's just not like me.  This summer, I got myself into a routine where I worked out pretty much 6 days a week.  OK, I wasn't getting up at 4am, working all day, getting home around 4 in the evening - and then spending about 2-3 hours doing more work....but that's an EXCUSE!!  I've said day after day that I have the perfect opportunity to work out with the track being right across from my school - yet, I still get in my car after my day and drive straight home.  Not just that, but I get up at 4am!!! I don't have to leave my house until 6...and it does NOT take me 2 hours to get ready.  I've really began to like getting up that early just so I have a chance to sit here and enjoy a cup of coffee (or three) before starting my day.  There's nothing wrong with that - but I damn well better be finding other time to fit my work-out why aren't I? 

I was so happy to report a few weeks ago, that I had rid myself of guilt when eating things I shouldn't.  Well, that guilt has popped it's head out again - but this time it's from my lack of working out.  The minute I get home, the pangs of "you should of gone to the track" hit me.  I know that if I took just 30 minutes before heading home to run - I'd have more energy when I got home, I'd feel better, and I'd be seeing some more decrease in the scales.  I've been holding the same weight for the past two weeks - and I HATE IT!!  I'm eating right, I'm planning my meals....but it's the addition problem 1+0 = 0.  I need to balance out the eating AND the exercise to see a change, and that's never going to happen as long as I make excuses for myself. 

The first graders I get to work with each day started this week out with the "no excuses" mentality.  Last week, they were given lots of chances to learn the new rules of the classroom - this week, they should know the rules so if they break them - they face the consequences.  How hypocritical is it of me to work with that kind of mentality if I don't have the strength to follow it myself?  Well, this nice long rant of a post is for one purpose.... to reinvent the wheel.  I'm taking my obvious problem, and doing the obvious solution - starting TODAY!! I'm taking my gear to work, and I WILL RUN AFTER WORK!! No more excuses, no more is the day to get it into my routine. 

OK, so tomorrow, I will share what it was like to do my run tonight (after not running for 2 weeks).  I will also be sharing a blog award that I received yesterday.  I had planned on doing that today - but my post got a little longer than I had planned.  Everyone have a great day!! Make sure you're not selling yourself short of something that you know you should be doing.  If you have to reinvent the wheel - as I'm doing - remember, that there's nothing to be ashamed of.  WE can do this!! 

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. Yes we can! I was doing the same thing up til this week.. I've been dieting for over a month, but just yesterday I told myself enough excuses.. I look forward to hearing about your run, regardless of how well it went.. good luck! :)


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