Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gonna Dance the Pounds Away

It's Saturday!!  The day of the week that makes me happy.  I can sleep in.  I can get some work done in my of all - I can go out for the evening!!  That's exactly what's on the agenda for today.

Before I get going on today's ramble - I have to mention that I've decided on a new code name for "bestie".  I decided a fitting name for her would be: Sanity.  I think it's a great fit, because I know when I'm about to lose my sanity - she's the one I'm going to call.

Okie dokie - now on to business.  After school yesterday, I went and did the cardio circuits.  I started the day off feeling good.  Even though I had a late night Thursday, I was pretty energetic starting out Friday.  By lunch time, that feeling had changed.  It felt like I was having to think about lifting my feet to move, my mind was starting to form this thick cloud over my brain, and I was tired.  By 2pm, I was actually counting the minutes down until I could get into the gym to work out.  It was nice to know that I was excited about working out.  Last week, I had to force myself to do it - this week I was so ready to get to it.  The circuits were somewhat harder than they were last week - and I really had to work hard to do the three rounds.  The circuits consisted of: side high kick, medium kick, low kick; 10 fast high knees, 10 slow high knees; side plank hold; L/R lunges; jog forward 4, jumping jack back 4; and sun salutation.  The first time around the circuits, I was already feeling it.  The second time, the sweat was pouring.  By the third time, I was really focusing on getting everything I could out of the work-out.  I left drenched in sweat, but feeling great.

I really thought the work-out would give me the energy I needed to enjoy my Friday night.  Obviously not.  At around 6, I passed out on the couch - and then woke up around 9:15.  I figured waking up that late would mean a late night for me... again I was wrong.  By 11, Hubby was waking me up and telling me to go to bed because I was asleep on the couch again.  I then slept until 8 this morning!!  I guess I needed the sleep. 

Today it's all about getting everything done so that I can go out tonight and celebrate Sanity's birthday.  I have been looking forward to it all week.  Just knowing that I get to go out and spend some time with her with no worries of school and work is so exciting.  I won't be working out today - but hopefully there will be some dancing involved I plan on making the most of that!!  What a great way to work out - right?  Shaking and grooving is fun.  I may not be the best dancer in the world - but knowing I can get a great work-out in from doing it makes it that much more worth it. 

Well, I guess that's it for today.  Just a ramble - but a post, at least. 

Everyone have a great Saturday.  Do something fun.  Relax.  Enjoy!

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. Woohoo enjoy your night out!!! The cardio circuit sounds like a lot of fun and a good workout at the same time!!! keep losing :)


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