Thursday, September 09, 2010

Motivational Jackpot!!

So, yesterday, I didn't have anything "weight loss" related to talk about.  Today, I get to share how yesterday I won the motivational jackpot.  I'm not just talking about a thought, an epiphany, or a decision that it's finally time to stop making, now it's serious - money is involved!!

When I got to work yesterday morning, one of the teachers told me about a Biggest Loser competition that was had just started between the staff and faculty at the school.  It cost $10 to join the competition, and the person who loses the highest percentage of weight wins the pot.  I was the 16th person to join the competition - so I'm in it to win $150!!!   (Before you say anything, my math is not wrong.  I'm not counting the $10 that I put in to compete).  The competition lasts for ten weeks, and ends the week before Thanksgiving.  I can think of about 150 reasons why I need to do this.  Not only is it going to be a great motivational tool to really get my butt back on track - but that money would be awesome to use for Christmas!!  As an unpaid intern, Christmas is something that is going to be a tad on the tight side this year - and any little bit of money will help - so there's even MORE motivation to win this competition.  I will be weighing in every Tuesday morning - so it's time to get busy, focus, and time to start shedding the pounds again.

Just in case a Biggest Loser competition isn't enough to really light the fire under me - and it is - I got an added bonus at the end of the day yesterday.  The assistant principal and I met regarding getting the Girls on the Run program started.  We are hopefully going to get the required training sometime next week, and then the program will officially start the following week.  So, not only am I planning on working out for the competition, I will also get added work-outs in and be a part of a great after-school program!!  Being a part of this program means that I will be training to run another 5K in November.  I will get to work with 4th grade girls to help build their self-esteem AND help them train to run the 5K.  How awesome is that??? 

So, as you can see, tomorrow was quite an exciting day for me.  I was desperate for something - anything - to help fuel my fire once again.  I'm a competitive person, so having a weight loss competition may be just what I need to stop complaining, stop being wishy-washy about how much I'm working out, and really get serious again about losing the weight.  I'm setting my own goal to be under 200lbs by the time the competition is over.  That's 10 weeks to lose 6lbs, right?  Well, according to my scale - yes.  According to the scale being used to do my official weigh-ins each week, I have 10lbs to lose (I weighed in at 210lbs yesterday morning).  I know I haven't gained 4lbs, because my scale still says the same for me as of this morning - but I know that scales can fluctuate so I'm not worried about that.  I really don't think I can win this competition by losing 10lbs in 10 who knows how much I can really push myself to lose.  This is going to be fun - and I can't wait to see the results.

That's it for today - tomorrow I will share my "game plan" and see what you think.  I'm also going to be looking to some of you for advice, tips, and support to really help me through this.  All comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Till next time.  ;)


  1. BEST OF LUCK!!! You can do it. Kick their butts! I wish I had a competition like this. I am ultra competitive like you, so that would really be a super motivation. I am in several challenges in the blogosphere and those help me too, but an actual challenge with $$$ would ROCK!

    <3 Katie

  2. That sounds like an awesome idea, Joanna. I know I enjoy the Survivor Pool at work...hmmm, sounds like a good idea to start at work. Hope you win but in any's how you play the game, right?

  3. Wow sounds exciting!!! I am sure you can win it :)

  4. Okay, I don't even know where to start with responding to this blog.. OMG! You are awesome! Congrats on getting into the BL contest at your work.. I had one of those at one of my old jobs, and it was a huge motivation.. Money really is good that way.. lol

    And you are doubly awesome for doing something for yourself AND the 4th grade girls at your school.. You go girl! :)


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