Friday, September 17, 2010

Feeling Like a Sappy Teenager Day

At the beginning of the this week, I thought it was going to be an extremely long week.  Coming back for a full week after only doing 4 days last week was surely going to make this week drag on.  It didn't!!  I can't believe it's already Friday - where does the time go?

After school yesterday, I got together with a couple of friends and we went for a well deserved drink.  I did have a beer, but then switched to Diet Coke. Two people left after an hour or so, and then me and my gal pal sat and talked until after 7!  We had been there for 4 hours!!  It was great, though.  Being able to have great conversation with a great friend doesn't happen as often as it used to now. We used to hang out every weekend and see each other every day in class.  Now, we're working in different schools, only see each other once a week, so we make up for it on that day.  It's funny, this is the second year I've been taking classes with her yet we only started "hanging out" at the start of the summer.  Over the course of a few months, we've developed a great friendship and I'm now happy to call her one of my "besties".  I love hanging out with her.  I need to think of a great code name for her - she deserves one - but for the time being, I guess I will here on our refer to her as Bestie... until I can think of something better.

Up until this past summer, I really didn't have someone that I could consider a "really close friend". Yes, I had friends. I occasionally went out for a night here and there. I talked to people on Facebook. I had fun. Something was always missing, though. If I needed someone to talk to, I had Hubby. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have a man that I can talk to - but sometimes what I needed to talk about I really didn't want to bother him with. I had my mom, but she definitely has enough issues of her own that I didn't want to bother her with mine.  I had and still have a great online "Mommy Forum".  I can go there and vent and share stuff with people who I consider close friends - yet never had the chance to meet.  I could come here.  Sharing my life on here is great, but there's a lot that can't and won't be posted.  Finally, after developing a friendship with "Bestie" I felt like I had someone I could really talk to and have a great time with.  I finally had a friendship that I could consider to be the "real deal". 

Even though I really can't say that I'm too stressed out with my internship, it's so great to have a friend that's going through the same experience to talk to.  One of the cardinal rules about the internship is that we don't discuss our personal feelings about it to anyone - unless it's positive.  I'm lucky because I've had such an amazing experience so far, I don't have anything that's not positive to say.  It's nice, though, to know that I have a true friend that I can talk to if I need to - and she knows she can do the same with me.  We can also share other things going on in our lives - and just having that place to release frustrations, stresses, good times, and high points can make my tension slip away. 

Tomorrow night, I'm going out to celebrate Bestie's birthday. I can't wait!  I know I'm going to have a great time - and I really need a night out.  I can't believe I haven't mentioned her in my blog until now - but I'm sure she'll make a frequent appearance from here on out.  My creative juices aren't exactly in prime form this morning - so ya'll leave a suggestion for a catchy code name for her.  I like Bestie - but it looks too much like "Betsy".  Besides, I want to something unique and special - just like she is to me.  AWWWW!!!  :)

Till next time.  ;)


  1. That's wonderful that your weeks are flying by! Seems like the years fly by, too, the older you get.

    And how cool that you've discovered such a good friend in someone who was once just an acquaintance. SO important!!!

  2. Awww what a great tribute! It's so nice to have that IRL bond with someone.

    I was reading Betsy every time I saw Bestie :).

    Have a great time at Betsy Bestie's bday party!


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