Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

The weekend is over already!  I didn't get near as much accomplished as I'd hoped.  In fact, I feel like I hardly accomplished anything.  Yes, I got to spend Saturday night having an AMAZING time with Sanity.  Yes, I got to go to my mom's yesterday and see the Fam.  Those were great things to do.  I feel like the weekend should be spent having some fun, however I did not get hardly any work done.  This week is a big week for me.  I'm having a formal evaluation of my teaching tomorrow morning, and that was one thing that I should of been working on - didn't get it done.  I have nine additional lesson plans to write for the week - I did one.  I have papers that need to be written, text books needing to be read - I got neither even started.

I get very frustrated when I don't get very much done on the weekends.  Everyone loves to be able to relax all weekend long - but that's just not an option for me.  Sure, I deserve a break every now and then - but wasting a whole weekend when there's so much to do shouldn't happen.

So, what now?  Well, now I just have to make up for lost time - and that means a very late night for me tonight getting everything accomplished that I had all weekend to do.  Oh well, lesson learned I guess - time to move on.

I'm thinking about trying a new concept with my blog.  I read several other blogs - when I have time.  One thing that I've noticed a few of my favorite daily bloggers do is a daily theme.  Trying to come up with a new topic each day can be quite daunting.  There have been many days that I've sat looking at this screen for along time wondering what the heck to write about.  I start pounding away at the keys, and by the time I'm done - well, it's hardly exciting stuff.  So, I thought if I had a topic that I write about each day - it might be easier to come up with more exciting stuff to write about.  I'm going to try this concept out for a while, see if I like it, and go from there.  I will start tomorrow.  There may be days that I don't follow the "routine",   especially if I have something exciting that I need to share, but for the most part it will be in line with what I came up with.

Motivational Monday - I think every week should start out with a motivational start.  I know, today I didn't do that - and I'm sorry.  Going forward, hopefully I can help you start your week out by reading a motivational story that I've heard or it will be about me.  I will share tips, strategies, and personal successes that have helped me on my journey - and will hopefully help you, too.

Back in Time Tuesday - This one I "borrowed" from an amazing blogger - Drazil.  I think it's a great idea to reminisce about the past.  Maybe I think about what life was like when I was bigger.  I might reminisce about my childhood.  Maybe I look at what was going on exactly one year ago.  Whatever I decide, it will be a flashback story of my past.

Work-Out Wednesday - This will be the day that I share my results of my Biggest Loser weigh-in competition.  I will also update on what I've been doing to work-out, eating, and anything else associated with the Biggest Loser competition. 

Throw It Down Thursday - Thursdays will be devoted to the "crazy" that is my life.  This will be related to non-weight loss stuff like work, school, family, kids, etc.  It will be a day I can vent my frustrations and share the excitements of my job and personal life. 

Finally Friday - Fridays will consist of my "to-do" list for the weekend.  Maybe, just maybe, I can use Fridays as a way of staying on track for the weekend - and actually do what I plan on doing. 

Select It Saturday - This is my "free" day.  I will write about anything that's on my mind.  It will be the one day that doesn't have a specific theme - so I apologize in advance if Saturday morning posts aren't as exciting... but I need one day a week to clear my mind and pound on the keys as I do it.

Summarize it Sunday - This will basically just be a recap of the week.  I'll look at the highs and lows of what I did in regards to my journey - as well as personal stuff.  Not necessarily a recap of what I wrote about all week - just a summary of my week, in general. 

That's the plan.  I really hope it helps perk things up around here - and makes my life easier.  I love writing my blog each morning - can't start my day without it.  It's just not always easy to think about what I want to write about - so hopefully this will help.

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. CUTE idea with the topics. Very smart.

    I'm the same way with weekends. I rush, rush, rush to get everything done I can't get to during the week. Sometimes it's a relief to get back to work.

    That being said, hope you have an awesome week :)


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