Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday - A Challenge

Another week has past, but how much weight is gone?  A lot of mental weight is gone.  It feels like a lot of brain weight is gone.  I sure hoped the scale measuring my physical weight would say I've lost some of that, too.  BUT, being that you know how I like to drag things out...the results from yesterday's weigh in will be coming up. 

First, I'm changing the name of Wednesday blog themes from Work-Out Wednesday to Weigh-In Wednesday.  I weigh in each week for my Biggest Loser competition on Tuesday and post about it on Wednesday - so I figure it's a more fitting name for the time being.

Speaking of Biggest Loser, anyone catch the show last night? It was another inspirational one.  Things are definitely going to be a bit different this season.  I love that the first hour of the show was dedicated to showing what contestants actually go through during their first two work-outs.  In past seasons, we see the contestants spend about 10 minutes in the gym.  You never really get how hard they have to work - I mean, sure they look like they've worked their butts off because of how sweaty they always are, but last night they really showed how much they struggle to get through the first couple of days.  At one point, Bob Harper actually told the contestants "only 3 hours and 47 minutes to go" and they'd already been there a while.  It really got me thinking. 

For the past three weeks, I've "settled" for doing a cardio work-out once a week.  I'm supposed to go two times a week, but something has come up each week allowing me to only attend one.  I spend a whopping 18 minutes working out, sometimes 25 minutes if we add something a little extra in at the end.  Yes, I really said that correctly.  For the past three weeks, I've worked out about 25 minutes A WEEK!  OK, so I've done a few other things...I've played a video game that requires a lot of movement.  I spend about 7 hours a day on my feet walking around a classroom (you'd be surprised how hard that is), and I've gone on a run...ONCE!  No wonder I'm not seeing the results I want during my weigh-ins. 

So, I don't have four hours a day to spend working out...wouldn't do it even if I did...but 25 minutes? Really?  It hit me last night while watching those poor contestants throwing up, passing out, and literally collapsing from the pressure that I'm not doing enough - not by a long shot.  A couple of weeks ago I made a plan to do 2 cardio-circuit work-outs a week and go out and run twice a week.  That's not enough, either, but I couldn't even stick to that.  I really have to get my butt in gear!!  I've got 6 weeks left in my competition, and the numbers I'm pulling right now are NOT going to win me that competition.  There was a statement that Allison made during last night's show that hit me, made me realize what's going to happen if I don't start working harder.  She told the two contestants up for elimination "don't leave here with any regrets". OK, so I'm not going anywhere - but I don't want to lose this competition knowing that I could of worked harder and that it's my own fault I didn't win.  I have everything going for me to win... I can't lose with any regrets.  If I work as hard as I can for the next six weeks, and I don't win - I can still say "I don't have any regrets".  It would suck to step on that scale at the end, lose, and think "well, if I'd worked out - I would of won".  BIG REGRET!!!!

I'm not going to sit here and type up another big "plan of action". I've decided to commit myself a little differently.  My goal for the next six weeks is to work-out every single day - even if it's just a little work-out.  If something comes up and I can't do the cardio circuits on Mondays and Fridays, then I will find something to take it's place.  If I don't feel like running, I will spend some time on the weights.  If I don't feel like doing weights, I will play the video game for a couple of hours - the physical game, not the easy one.  I think, at this point, even spending 30 minutes walking is better than doing nothing at all.  It's time to dust off my yoga DVD and maybe fit some of that in on the weekends.  Now that the weather isn't just cooler - it's down right B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L I should have no excuses to be out walking and running in it.  I'm challenging myself to do this.  I don't want to have any regrets when it's all said and done.  I want to grab that money and spend it on my kids' Christmas.  I want to FINALLY get below 200 - after sitting just above it for so many weeks.  All things that I have some kind of control over - yet, I'm throwing it all away as every day passes.

I would love to be able to stir up some support through this - not just posting a comment saying "good luck" or "you can do this".  I asked you to join me in writing a positive note of the day every, who would like to join me in this challenge?  I'm going to call it the "Everyday Movement Challenge".  You don't have to post what you plan on doing each day - just commit to doing some kind of physical activity EVERY SINGLE DAY and then come here each day and post what you're doing.  Experts say that weight loss comes faster with a good support system.  So, we're not all close enough to physically work-out together but we can still support each other here.  So, come on...who's with me??  Sign up by posting a comment that you'd like to try it.  Like I said, you don't have to go to the gym every day - just do something that burns a few calories each day.  Maybe you go for a walk.  Maybe you take the stairs at work each day.  Maybe you walk on the treadmill for a few minutes....whatever you consider a "little extra" then do it!!

OK - so now the part you've all been waiting for.  My weigh-in results from yesterday.  My starting weight was 210lbs.  My weight last week was 207.2lbs.  This week's weight was.....drum roll..... 205.6lbs!! A loss of 1.6lbs.  Not sure how I pulled that off with doing close to nothing all week...but any loss is good.  Let's see how much doing a little exercise each day effects next week's number.

Positive note of the day: 
For every excuse there follows a regret.  You are so close.  Replace the excuses with successes - you're worth it!!

Till next time.  ;)


  1. Good job on the loss!
    Step up your workouts and you will be under 200 in no time at all!
    For me working out has just become a habit. 6 days a week I know I need to get my ass in gear and get moving. It just makes me feel better about myself and helps the weight loss.
    Tonight I plan to do Shred It With Weights and Power Yoga, 2 of Jillian Michaels DVDs

  2. Commit me! Or, rather - I'll join this challenge! I need to re-focus!

  3. Wow woman you are so inspirational, especially to take the time to write in your blog everyday!.. Today i have bootcamp, i am still sore from monday. I figured since it was raining and we did it at her house in her garage it would be easy, ha ya right i think she was harder on us. Wish me luck and you keep doing what your doing. The progress might be slow but you are making progress thats what counts. NO REGRETS!!! XOXOXO


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