Friday, November 11, 2011

Fill 'Er Up Friday

Friday, again.  I'm sure you already know that...I mean, who doesn't keep track of it being Friday?  

On Fridays, I celebrate the end of the week, look forward to the coming weekend, and fill up my blog post with a bunch of random crap that my head is full of.  Some weeks, there's more bang for your buck...just like the cost of gas.  Other weeks, you get royally screwed because I don't really have much to say and you get way less than you bargained for...just like the price of gas.

To all the mothers of tweens out there.  Has your tween started the mood swings yet?  Holy mother of hormones.  My Peanut has been driving me nutso with her mood swings.  Some days she's a carefree, cheerful, normal self....other days, I swear there may be small horns appearing from her head.  She completely shuts down, doesn't talk to anyone, gives evil looks to anyone that makes eye contact, and huffs and puffs around the house like the big, bad wolf.  I don't ever remember being this moody when I was her age....ever, in fact.  Cross my heart. 

I received the Wal-Mart Black Friday flyer yesterday.  I was kinda looking forward to it, cause I was kinda thinking that this year I may be completely off my rocker and attempt to snag a few bargains while trying to not get people and their death carts.  Well folks, you don't have to worry.  I've never seen such a more useless Black Friday ad.  The best deals in the whole thing are cheap movies....and I'm NOT going to get my ankles broken for a few movies.  No thank you.  Wal-Mart is doing 3 that starts at 10pm Thanksgiving night, another that starts at midnight, and another that starts at 8am on Black Friday.  None of them are worth my time.  So, I will live for another year. 

Speaking of movies....Disney made me an offer I just couldn't refuse, yesterday.  I've been a member of the Disney Movie Club for a few years now...I fulfilled my obligation with them sometime last year...and I guess they got tired of me not buying anymore movies.  So, yesterday, they sent me an offer to renew my membership.  I would have said NO WAY...but the offer was to pick 5 movies for $1 TOTAL...and get another one for $10.  Now, I only have to buy 3 more movies in the next 2 years.  That means I bought 5 movies (Christmas presents) for 20 cents a piece.... you can't beat that, my friends.  Even Wal-Mart can't match that price.  They're not old movies I got either...all but one were released this year.  I can't say more than that... but I got a great deal.

I'm going out tonight for a much needed, well overdue Girls' Night Out.  I just realized that it's been close to two months since I've seen Sanity.  Can you believe it?  My Sanity has been gone for almost two months!!  Sanity, Hope, and I are all hitting the town to let our hair down and catch up on what our life has thrown at us.  Going out with my closest friends is something I NEVER want to let go of...even if it is just once every couple of months.  We met in college, but I want us to be out celebrating our grandkids graduating college..together.  I can see it now - three 80 something women out at a bar laughing, crying, and remembering the "Good Old Days".  

Thinking about sitting in a bar when I'm 80 just made me realize that I have only 6 1/2 years until Peanut graduates high school.  Jesus, Mary, and WAA!!  One thing I continue to remind myself is that I will only be 36 when she graduates high school, which means I could very well be a grandmother by the time I'm 40...which is only ten years away.  So, maybe it won't be a bunch of 80 year old women....I might only be in my 60's!!  OK, slowing down....too much for my head to handle right now.

This weekend, I'm actually looking forward to giving my house another deep clean.  Carpets are gonna be scrubbed, cobwebs are going to be sucked up with the vacuum.  Yes, I said cobwebs.  I know that sounds groody...and it is... but my house seems to have cobwebs that grow like hair.  The more I clean them, the more that appears a few weeks later.  I'm also going to try steam cleaning my couch.  Jelly has definitely left her mark on my beloved old couch...and it's definitely seen better days.  But, because I can't afford a new one anytime soon - I'm going to see if I can bring back some life in the old thing with a good steam clean.  Everyone pray that doesn't just fall apart....that would NOT be good when trying to host a Thanksgiving dinner with a bazillion people in attendance.

I'm so excited that there is now less than two weeks to Thanksgiving, which means there's only two weeks until it's time to put up the Christmas tree...and two weeks until I can start driving my kids nuts with Christmas music.  Yep, I'm one of those people.  From the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas day, the only music that will come from my car, iPhone, or anywhere I else I play music from will be Christmas music.  My kids love it for the first two days - then they whine for the rest of the time.  Except Jelly - who has already started singing Jingle Bells every morning in the car.  She can't it will be nice to have at least one kid who shares my love of the holiday season.

I'm so excited that I get two weeks off for Christmas - one being a full week before Christmas.  I've never had that long to prepare before...and it will be awesome!!  Except for the fact that my kids will be home with me - so not sure how much preparation I can do with them hanging around. 

OK, seriously.  Can you get the vibe that I'm super stoked for Christmas?  Most of my random crap has made some reference to Christmas or gifts.  That's what my head is full of, I guess.  I'm happy about it, though...cause a month ago I was worried about Christmas.  Now I'm not.  I know that I'm going to be able to give my kids a good Christmas...just like always.  With some magic financial wrangling, selling off some crap on Craigslist, and having some extra funds fall into my lap - I'll be able to pull it off.  Still a much smaller scale than years before - but my kids will get the couple of things that they want.  Christmas in my house will be magical....just like always.

Alright..time to head off to get ready for work.  I have to take a second and say THANK YOU to all of the Veteran's out there.  I'm not sure if I have any that read my blog.... but you never know, right?  I do know that I have some readers that have Veteran family members. 

Everyone take a second today to thank a Veteran.  Maybe it's someone at work, maybe it's someone you see somewhere else....just tell them that they are appreciated.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I told John early on that we were NOT going to start talking about how terrible Dakota's teen years were going to be (in front of him). Instead, we were going to focus on all the positives of growing up, becoming more independent, etc. And so that's what we've done. I've also been very clear and very consistent that his moods don't give him permission to be surly, disrespectful, mean, or rude. I have assured him that while we are in charge of his health and safety and we are responsible for teaching him to be a good person, HE is IN CONTROL of his emotions and his behavior. So far -- so good. Not that he's perfect; no one is. But he knows there are immediate consequences for being any of those things I listed above. I highly recommend that approach!

  2. Our schools are out today. Sucks you had to work. My 3 year old is singing Jingle Bells every day too! Have a great weekend cleaning. When you get done, you can come do my place, lol.


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