Tuesday, November 01, 2011

True Confessions Tuesday

It's the day after Halloween, so I should have tons of confessions to make, right?  Halloween candy, cupcakes...other sinister little treats that are up for the taking on a day that's all about sugar.  Yeah...there's some confessions about that stuff - but also some other stuff.  I've always got confessions...so I wrap them in a nice little package and share them all with you every Tuesday.  Enjoy!

I confess...that I now understand why some people refer to Halloween as "The Devil's Holiday".  It has nothing to do with religious beliefs or the dead being able to walk freely - it has everything to do with the fact that it's a holiday that is devoted to making my rear end bigger by offering Devilish treats all freakin' day long. 

I confess...that when I walked in to the break room at work yesterday, I was greeted with a tray of mini donuts and cupcakes with a sign that said "Wicked".  Yep, that was pretty wicked to leave that stuff laying around. I admit - I ate a donut hole.  OK, I ate two.

I confess...that I ate a homemade cookie made by one of the teacher's yesterday.  I also ate two pieces of candy...miniature pieces.  Other than that - and the donut holes - I didn't eat anything else that was bad for me.  I don't think that's too bad...others may disagree - but I don't care.  My challenge for Shrinkvivor this week was to not eat more than two "fun-sized" pieces of Halloween candy.  I kept within that limit, so I'm happy...thankyouverymuch.

I confess...that apart from my Halloween treats that I ate, I have done pretty well all week in regards to my eating.  I said pretty well....not perfect...far from it. 

I confess...that I ate dinner at Golden Corral last Friday night.  I didn't eat near as much as I did the last time I went - but I still ate more than I should.  I know that it seems terrible that I've been eating there so much, lately.  In my defense - regardless of how weak it is - it's the only restaurant around where my kids can eat whatever they want...and how ever much they want...and it cost us $22 to eat.  I can't feed my kids at McDonald's for that price.  While I don't think food should be a reward - my kids enjoy dinner out once in a while....Golden Corral is their favorite place...and it's cheap.  Win-win for them...lose-lose..or should I say gain-gain for me.

I confess...that after doing 3.27 miles of walking on Sunday, I still managed to take my kids out last night and walk all over the place for Trick or Treating.  First we walked all around the mall...twice.  Then, we walked around my friend's neighborhood.  I did NOT drive along the road while my kids did all the walking.  I was right there with them every step of the way.  Just ask my thighs - they'll scream how much walking they've done in the past two days.

I confess...that I stood on the scale this morning - and I saw a gain.  I've been trying to stay off of the scale until weigh-in day each week...but I just couldn't help myself this morning.  It's a pretty significant gain...but I'm not all upset about it.  This hasn't been a great week in regards to eating...but I did make the step to get out and get some exercise.  I feel like things are changing for me - and I won't see those gains for too much longer.

I confess...that it was so nice to come home from work last night to a some-what healthy meal that had been planned ahead of time.  I'm looking forward to the same thing tonight, and tomorrow, and the next night.  So is Hubby.  He's a lot happier this week, because we planned our meals out.  It goes to show how much my family has missed the routines I got them in to when I was really buckled down on my weight loss.

I confess...that I woke up late this morning because of how late we got home last night.  I didn't roll out of bed until 5:15...so, now I have to cut things short so I can get ready for work.  I say cut things short - but I really don't have anything else to confess.  Not the perfect week - but I have a lot to be proud of regardless of what the stupid scale says. 

Alright, my lovelies...time for me to head on out of here.  You like the idea of getting your confessions off your chest - and out for the world to see?  Then try it!!  Go on...go to your blog, post them pesky confessions, and release them.  You'll be amazed at how cleansed you feel once you're done.  

Everyone have a great Tuesday!!!

Till next time. ;)
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