Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Tomorrow is the first day of December.  Can you believe it?  I know you're wondering where this year has gone... just like I am.  It feels like only a few weeks ago, I was cramming my brain silly trying to prepare for my final senior project or getting ready to walk across the stage to receive my college diploma. 

It's been quite the year - but it's not over...yet. 

December is my most favorite month of the year.  Of course, it's because of Christmas.  There's something about December that just brings the goodness out in most people.  People are kinder, friendlier....more pleasant.  I consider myself one of those people.  While I try to be nice all year round, I will admit that I get the holiday fever this time of year - and just like to be all gushy and nice to almost everyone.

I've decided that for the month of December, there will be very little talk about weight loss.  There's more to this blog - and my life - than weight loss... and this month, I want to take advantage of sharing and caring - and all that jazz.

So, I haven't completely finished my to-do list for December, yet... but there are some things that will be making some appearances.

First, I plan on having a couple of people guest post - and share some of their favorite Christmas traditions.  I totally stole borrowed this idea from one of my readers - Chantelle at Project Chantelle She graciously asked me to guest post for her blog...and I thought the idea was FANTASTIC.  So, of course - I want to do something like that, here.

Also, I want to do something special for the twelve days of Christmas.  Not totally sure what, yet... but each day for the twelve days leading up to Christmas I will do a wish list of sorts. 

I'll be writing a letter to Santa at some point.  Cause, I've got a few requests for the Big Guy.  I'm pretty sure he reads my blog...I mean, what else is he doing 364 days out of the year, right?

I'll be sharing a lot of stories about Christmas traditions and stories of Christmases past and other warm and fuzzy stuff like that.  I love taking walks down Memory Lane.  I will be sharing some of my most favorite Santa cover-up stories....I have quite the imagination when it comes to extinguishing the horrible rumor that Santa doesn't exist!

I'm also going to pick Hubby's brain - and have him share some of his favorite Christmas recipes.  Hubby turns in to Betty Crocker this time of year...and the delicious treats he can pull off are TO DIE FOR.  Maybe, just maybe, he will be willing to share some of his secret recipes with you guys.  Don't worry, I'll beg and plead. 

So, if you've been put off by my off the wall randomness over the past couple of months...hang in there with me for a few more weeks.  I'm really looking forward to this...and I'd love it if you were all here with me enjoying the festivities.

Before I go, I just want to bring up the "incident" I spoke about yesterday.  I got a couple of concerned emails - and just wanted to say THANK YOU for the kindness and support.  I knew you guys would care... and that you would share kind words of support to make me feel better.

I just want to put to rest that the incident really isn't anything negative towards Butter - it was much more directed at me.  Butter is getting on great at his new school - and he's loving it. 

This incident also made me realize that while I may butt heads with one person that I work with - the rest of the people I work with are absolutely fantastic...and I love each and every one of them.  They were also a huge platform of support while I dealt with the situation.  Even though the resolution is something I strongly disagree with - I'm biting my tongue and being the bigger person.  I think that's the grown up thing to do... as much as I don't want to be grown up about it - at all.

Even though I can't give the specifics, I think I can say that this was a minor incident that got thrown way out of proportion.  This was nothing to do with Butter's past.  In fact, I can say that he's probably been the most grown up person in all of this.  This whole ordeal has made me realize that while I'm on red alert about everything he does - there are others at our school that are oblivious to his past.  In there minds... he is no different than any other kid there. 

And - that will be the last I talk of it.  I'm over it now...I put my big girl pants on and just decided to let it all go. 

Everyone enjoy your last day of November.  Kiss it goodbye... you will never see it again.  And then open your arms to the coming of December!!  It's going to be a great month... I'm sure of it!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I read your post the other day when you were upset and my heart ached for you. I've been worried and praying for you so it's good to hear you are feeling better.


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