Thursday, November 17, 2011

What Am I Thankful For? Let Me Count the Ways

I know that there's still a week to go until Thanksgiving....but I thought I was well overdue to explain some of the things I'm thankful for in my life.

I spend a lot of time on here complaining about stuff happening in my life - when in reality, the complaints are small dust mites on a life that has given me so much.  

I had planned on making this my Thanksgiving post - cause, you's kinda the thing to do on Thanksgiving....list all of the things that you're thankful for.  But, being that I'm going to have a houseful of people arrive on Thanksgiving - I want to really do this post while my mind is solid....not stressing about the minor things I will no doubt stress over. are the things that I am thankful for each and every day....

1.  My Children.  Duh - this is a no brainer.  How can I not be thankful for a family that is so perfect, yet so imperfect?  Each one of my children have their own unique outlooks on life, and remind me every day that there are so many sides to look at any situation.
  • Peanut - My literal mini-me.  Every day, she grows to be more and more like me...but has her own unique spin on the situation.  She is smart, caring, and has a spit fire attitude that will bite you in the behind if you're not careful.  She also has a laugh that is contagious, a love for music, and a heart filled with so much love - that she is more than willing to share with anyone that will let her.
  • Butter - My little fighter.  That boy has been through more in his 10 short years than most have been through in their entire lifetime.  Every day is a new challenge for him - and he takes each one of those days with an open mind and open heart.  I love his spirit, his dedication, and the fact that for no reason whatsoever he will give me a hug and tell me how much he loves me.  
  • Jelly - The baby.  This is a child that knows exactly what she wants - at the ripe age of 3 - and puts her mind to getting it.  The child that wakes up each morning and comes running to give me a hug and then says "I love you, Mommy, you're pretty".  I don't know why she started doing that - but she does - and I love it.  
2.  My Hubby - I have never met a man in my entire life that is so perfect for me than the man I share each and every day of my life with.  It's great that he loves to cook, clean, and stay home with the kids while I go out for a night with the gals... but that's nothing compared to the little things he does for me each and every day.  He doesn't buy me flowers or chocolates - he's the man that buys things like fat free coffee creamer, because he knows that gesture means more to me than any flowers or chocolates.  He listens to me complain about silly things like gaining weight...and then helps me plan meals that are healthy.  He goes grocery shopping, occasionally, and then calls me to ask me about a food....because he's checked the nutrition label, and wants to get my opinion on if it's OK to get it.  He does it because he knows it's important to me - and it's the things that are important to me that are important to him.  I just couldn't imagine my life without him.

3.  My Job.  I truly believe that my job was a sign from a higher power....a calling, if you will.  Just when I gave up hope that things were going to go my way, this year, I get the call I never expected to receive.  Each and every day, I'm blessed to work with the most amazing children and staff.  I am reminded that my title doesn't represent my gift.  I am a teacher - and that's what I do every day.  This job has given me the opportunity to share my gift, while teaching me more than any textbooks could ever teach me. 

4.  My Family.  I am lucky enough to have a very close family.  I have parents that love me and support me.  Not only that, but they have opened up their home as foster parents - and that makes them my true idols.  It's no surprise where I get my love of working with children....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  My mother is my best friend.  My father is my hero.  I am thankful that they had a hand in molding me in to the person I am today - and they did a pretty darn good job of it....if I say so, myself.

5.  My House.  I complain about my house almost much I'd like a nice big house anywhere else but right here.  Yet, I'm thankful that each and every day I get to come home to a house that's full of love.  It's a roof over the head of my little family.  It comes with a mortgage that fits our budget.  Sure, there are some improvements that my house needs - but it's warm, secure, and a place for me to cuddle up on the couch and relax from a hard day.

6.  Sanity and Hope.  Those girls have been my savior to many a stressful moment.  They have shown me what true friendship is.  Knowing that I can give them a call and go out for a girls' night got me through school, and now gets me through life.  I love them.  We are all here when we need each other - but even when there are weeks that go by without seeing each other....we are always only a text message away from each other.

7.  Craigslist.  The place that gave me the ability to sell some of the junk that has piled up in my house - and now given me a little extra money to be able to spend on my kids' Christmas.

8.  Fat Free Flavored Coffee Creamer.  Yes.  I went there.  I am so thankful for the flavored coffee creamer that makes my evenings more relaxing.  It is a sweet moment of heaven, for my mouth. 

9.  My blog.  This place....there just really isn't words.  It has gotten me through some really tough times and some really great times.  Each morning, I can come here and spill my guts for the world to see.  It's awesome.

10.  You Guys.  Whoever you are...the people reading this right now.  Regardless of whether or not you comment, just knowing that you're here - and you care - that's a big that I'm very thankful for.

To be continued....

Oh yeah.... you didn't think that was all I was grateful for, did you?  There's more.  I just wanted to get a start this Thursday.... but I'll muster up the sanity to finish this post next Thursday. 

Everyone have a WONDERFUL Thursday....and take a second to think about some of the things you're thankful for, if you haven't done so already.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Aw, love this! I love that you've taken the time to stop and smell the roses and see all the good in your life! I know sometimes when you have an internal battle going on it can be hard to see the wood from the trees!

  2. I have a question for you regarding your blog. Please contact me when you get a chance.




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