Sunday, November 06, 2011

Peanut, Butter, Jelly Time....Here We Go!!

Last week, I tried a new segment I called Peanut, Butter, Jelly Time.  It was an interview, of sorts, with my kids - Peanut, Butter, and Jelly.  It seemed to be a big hit.  I got a lot of positive feedback, and so...I decided to try it again.

Before I get to this morning's interview, I just have to share what happened to me last night.  I felt my first earthquake!!  And, no...I'm not divulging secrets about my sex life.  It was an honest to goodness earthquake.  It happened shortly after 10:30.  I was laying in bed, and all of a sudden my bed started shaking...just slightly.  Then, 15 seconds later, Hubby and I were both sitting up as our entire house was rocking back and forth.  It was scary crazy.

People in California and places that get earthquakes are probably thinking "big whoop"... but....don't forget...I live in Arkansas!!  The quake happened in Oklahoma City - which is 200 miles from me.  OKC reported a 5.4 earthquake...and I felt it!!  It's crazy...but I think it was kinda cool.  I've never felt an earthquake before.  Now I have - and hopefully I won't ever again.

Alright, wanted to share that...but now it's the time you've been waiting for.... It's Peanut, Butter, Jelly Time:

Me:  What do you think we should talk about today?

Peanut:  I don't care...something amusing?

Butter:  How about music?

Jelly:  I wanna talk about people.

Peanut/ButterYeah, let's talk about people.

Me:  How about we just mash it all together?

Peanut:  Whatever.

Me:  OK, who do you think is the most influential person in your life - famous or not - and why?

Peanut:  Justin Bieber.  

Me:  Shocker.  Why is he the most influential person in your life?

Peanut:  Because he was like 12 years old and just put a video on You Tube.  He got noticed, but he knew what his goals were and achieved them.  That's influential.  It helps that he's super cute, too!

Butter:  You.

Me:  Aww...why?

Butter:  Because you've worked so hard..and you worked to get me in to a good school...and you're very nice.

*Insert Tear and Sniff*

Me:  That's it?

Butter:  Ah ha

Me:  Jelly, who's your favorite person?

Jelly:  Lady Gaga

Me:  Why?

Jelly:  Because.  She's pretty and funny...and Poker Face.

Me:  Name some old bands or singers.  Give me at least 5.

Peanut:  Aerosmith, Ozzy, Madonna, Stevie Nicks, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson

Me:  Can you name any songs from Stevie Nicks or Paula Abdul?

Peanut:  No.  That's why they're old.

Butter:  ACDC, Celo Green, New Kids on the Block

Me:  Wait...Celo Green only has like one famous song and it's only like a year old.

Butter:  Yeah, but he's an old person.  Blue Man Group, Bob Marley, Breaking Benjamin.

Me:  Breaking Benjamin is my favorite band - and they're not old!!!

Peanut:  Yeah, they're YOUR favorite band.  Nuff said.

*Laughter from Peanut and Butter....evil look from me*

Jelly:  Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga

Me:  You're just naming singers you know.  What people do you think are old?

Jelly:  Poker Face is old. Oh, Barbie is old.

Me:  What characteristics makes a band or singer old?

Peanut:  You like them.  *giggle*  When I hear them sing, but I don't know who they are.

Butter:  They've been around a long time and the songs are hard to I don't know the words.

Jelly:  Because...I don't know what you're talking about.  What are you talking about?

Me:  What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up?

Peanut:  A nice person.  I don't ever want to be like Brittany Spears or Lindsey Lohan...they're crazy.

Me:  Thank goodness

Peanut:  I want to be anything that lets me have a say.  I don't want to walk the country unnoticed.

Me:   Wow, that's very profound.

Peanut:  Whatever.  Just make sure you write that part down.

Butter:  Nice, but strict.  That's because of what I want to be when I grow up.  Married, kids, have a good family.  Be like...hang on I'm thinking...I'm not gonna spoil my kids but I want them to have a good life.

Jelly:  A princess.  You can dress me up.  Because I'm kinda like a princess cause yeah, I'm like that.

Me:  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Peanut:  A lawyer.  Cause I like to argue and have a say in stuff.

Me:  Shocker again.

Butter:  And have the last word.

Peanut:  Yeah, so.

Butter: A police officer because I wanna deal with troubled people and help people

Jelly:  Work making houses with a couple of branches and sticks.

Me:  Why do you want to do that?

Jelly:  Because.  Just because.  

Me:  Did you like this week's PBJ Time better than last week?

Butter:  Yes, because last week we talked about other people and this week we talked about us.

Peanut:  Yes.  Cause what he said.  I like talking about stuff we like better.

Jelly:  Yeah, because like...I like them...come on...are we done?

Me:  Yes.  We are done.

So, there you have it...another installment of Peanut, Butter, Jelly Time.  It never ceases to amaze me at some of the stuff my kids can come up with.

We struggled a little to come up with a topic this week - so now, I'd like your input.  What topics would you like to hear about? Help with some questions would be nice, too.  I'm thinking about doing a reader's interview next week - where I just pose questions you guys have come up with.  Should be interesting...and a lot of, come me out.  What would you like to hear about from the mouths of Peanut, Butter, and Jelly?

Have a great Sunday, everyone...

Till next time. ;)
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