Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to Get a Fill Up....

Are you as excited as I am that it's Friday?  Are ya?  Are ya?

If you haven't figured it out - I'm SUPER excited.  Not because it's the end of the week, or because the weekend is almost here, or because it's now less than a week away from Thanksgiving.  Nope.  It's because tomorrow, I'm getting a full day all to myself to go out Christmas shopping.  And Christmas shopping is my most favorite thing to do.

Even if I'd like nothing more than to spend the next twenty minutes telling you every single reason as to why a day out shopping is going to be so wonderful....I'm a woman of structure and routine.  Which means, I must do my weekly installment of Fill 'Er Up Friday.

I wonder what random nonsense I can pull out of my head this week....

First and foremost...a word of caution to all.  Be careful who you talk to about everything...especially children.  Yep...this happened to me.  I wasn't the one talking - I got to be the one on the receiving end of it...and it's NOT fun.  Long story short.  A woman I don't know very well thought it would be a great idea to say some not very nice things about Butter and a friend of his....without realizing that I'm Butter's mom.  Whoopsy.  Don't worry, there was no nasty retaliation words involved.  I was professional - and made sure I outed her right there on the spot and told her that Butter was my son.  The look on her face hopefully meant she learned her lesson.

Staying with that topic.  If you don't know a child - their background or their living situation - don't make nasty or mean assumptions about who they are or how you think they're going to act.  Sometimes you just have no idea what they've been through or how they live.  Take a second to feel a little compassion - before proceeding to bash them.  They're kids for crying out loud!!!

OK, that made me feel a little better.

It's Book Fair week at my school this week.  That means one thing for me - Trouble!!  I'm a book addict collector, especially children's books.  I came home, yesterday, with quite the bag full of books.  I just can't help myself.  I keep telling myself that eventually, I will read every book in my library.  I also keep telling myself that doing that is going to take forever.  I have so many books.

For some reason, I have had absolutely no desire to watch Biggest Loser this season.  I've been DVR'ing it - so I now have about 10 episodes to catch up on....and I just can't get the motivation to want to watch it.  I'm not sure if it's because Jillian is gone, and so I feel like it's not going to be so good, or if it's because I know that if I start watching it - I will feel bad about being so blah with my own weight loss.  Maybe if I started watching it, it would motivate me to really get going again.  I don't know.  

Holy cow, my head just won't get out of shopping excitement mode.  Usually, I can pull so much random stuff out of my head, it's not even funny.  Now?  I'm sitting here completely lost wondering what the heck to write about.  

Twilight Breaking Dawn released last night....and I'm super jealous for those that got to see it at the midnight showing.  I swear, if one person spoils anything for me before I can get to the movies next weekend to see it - I'll drop kick them.  Yes, I've read the books...I know what the movie is going to be about... but I don't want to know anything about the movie until I've got to see it.  This is the movie I've been looking forward to more than any of the others.  Seriously - drop kick!!

Hubby burned a fire in the fire place night before last.  It was 40 degrees outside...and I came home to the fire burning and a big pot of beef stew cooking in the slow cooker.  Seriously, could I have a more perfect man?  Sitting on the couch eating a bowl of stew, watching TV, while the fire is crackling is seriously the most perfect evening in the whole world.  It will be even better when I throw in the twinkling of the Christmas tree week!! 

I'm thinking about cooking my Thanksgiving turkey in a crock pot next week.  Is that weird?  Usually, Hubby cooks the turkey on the grill - but recently, he's been cooking whole chickens in the crock pot and they are super yummy.  I'm thinking the turkey would be just as yummy.  And it will be so much easier to do.  I'm pondering it.

I still don't care if Justin Bieber fathered a child with a random woman at one of his concerts last year - but I will say, the more I hear about the woman...the more I think there's something seriously wrong with her.  I just don't get how people can get so fascinated with a person - celebrity or not - and try to pull off something like getting pregnant by them.  I'm totally in love with Alexandar Skasgard... but you don't see me trying to say that he fathered one of my children....although, Butter does have some very similar features.... like blonde hair.  Hmmmm mind just isn't cooperating very well. This is just the best that I can do today.  Tomorrow, I get to leave the kids at home, get in my car, and let the world be my oyster.....well the stores be my oyster.  I'll on the hunt for some great bargains.  I'm going out without a plan or a list....that's a little scary in it's self.  But that just means that I'm going to have to look - and figure out what to get my kids for Christmas.  That's the fun of it, though.  I tried getting them to come up with a list - but unless I plan on buying a real goat, and adding two cell phones to my current plan...I'm on my own.  And, no, there will be no goats or cell phones.  Just not going to happen.  I'm sure I can find a few things that they will love.

TGIF - Everyone have a good one!!

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. Watch The Biggest Loser- it's a great season, and the new trainer is not bad at all to look at, lol. He could get me into shape, haha.

    Breaking Dawn is my favorite Twilight Saga book too. I *think* I'm seeing it tomorrow, and I can't WAIT!!

    Have a good weekend, I love Christmas shopping as well :)


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