Friday, May 25, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!!

It's Friday - finally!! With all the crazy that's been going on this week, I think today is a perfect day to participate in BYOC. Draz gives my blogging brain a break by posting five questions on her blog - and then people like me copy those questions and answer them. It's fun. You should try it!

1. Tell me about your first childhood home that you remember.

I don't know how old I was - but not very old. My parents, and my two brothers - one still being a baby - lived in an apartment in London, or as we called it a "flat". We lived on the 8th floor of a 20-something story building. The apartment block wasn't anything nice to look at, the elevators smelled like pee, and it was kind of a scary place to be after dark...not that I thought about that when I lived there, but I would be terrified if I lived there now. I don't remember a whole lot about things we did when we lived there, but I remember the flat very well.

2. What is hands down your favorite color on this Earth?

Hmmm...I really LOVE purple. Any shade of purple is fine, but I prefer a darker shade. But, I also like pink. And red. It really depends on what the color is related to. When it comes to clothing, I'm partial to red and darker colors. When it comes to nail polish or make-up, I really love purple and pink shades. When it comes to pretty things - pretty much anything else - then purple takes the prize.

3. What kind of hair do you prefer on your significant other? Or what kind of hair is a turn on to you?

Well, Hubby is very different when it comes to his hair. For the past several years, he's wore his hair short with pink spikes. Yes, I said PINK spikes. He gets this hair dye from Hot Topic that reminds me of cake frosting - and smells like it too. He uses Spiking Glue to style his hair - and the spikes are bright pink.

At first I thought it was kind of weird, but it's grown on me - and now I couldn't imagine his hair any other way. I make fun of him at times. I think he does it for attention, and he swears that's not the case. He gets a lot of funny looks from people when we're out in public, and I think that he likes it. I especially like the reactions from kids when they scream out "Look at that guy's hair! It's Pink!" The parents all then look mortified and try and hush their children. I just laugh.

I really don't have a preference with how my significant other wears his hair. As long as he's OK with me fixing my hair however I want - then he can do the same to his. Hubby doesn't really care much for short hair on a woman - and I prefer my hair that way. So, the pink hair vs. short hair is a compromise for us.

4. Now that it's you mow your lawn or does someone else? How long does it take you? Do you hate or love doing it?

I don't mow lawns - mine or anyone elses. With my allergies, I'm pretty sure that mowing would literally kill me - and that's what gets me out of it. Just sitting outside is bad enough, so I'm not stupid enough to try and do any form of yard work. Hubby takes care of the lawn at our house. Being that we live in the woods, we don't have much grass. We have a small area behind the house that is grassy - so Hubby keeps up with keeping that mowed.

Now that I'm at my parent's house for a month, they have A LOT of grass to mow. Luckily for me, the kids do it. Butter broke the ride on mower the first time he used it, so now they are having to use the push-mower...which isn't giving them great results. I have a feeling that my parent's lawn may resemble a jungle by the time they get home - but not much I can do about that.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week.

This has been the week of all weeks. After twenty-five years of wanting to be a teacher, four years of college, and a year of working as a teaching assistant because I couldn't find a teaching job after I graduated - I'm Finally A Teacher!! Or, I will be in August. I haven't been able to really celebrate like I thought I would...but there will be plenty of time for that once my parents get back from England.

I did do a couple of things to celebrate - like take the crowd of kids to Zaxby's to eat dinner. Not exactly the five star dining experience I wanted - but it was just fine for the amount of people I had to feed. Then, after my dinner, I found a guy that was giving away free kittens in the parking lot - so I brought one home with me. I named her Katniss, and she's adorable!! She's already learned how to use the litter tray, she gives great snuggles, and she's very playful. I hope to keep those traits in her as she gets older - cause I don't really want one of those cats that just lay around all day having nothing to do with anyone.

On Wednesday, I had to drive an hour and a half away to get my background check done for my MO teaching licence. Over the next couple of days, I need to drive to my University and pick up a transcript to mail, along with my AR teaching license to the MO Department of Education. Once that is all done, I'll be ready to go for teaching in MO.

Other than that, I've been enjoying some relaxation time by doing some writing out on the front porch of my parent's house. It's where I am right now, actually. I like writing out here - it's comfortable...when it's not too hot. I have to run a few errands today, but not a whole lot planned for the weekend.

Alright, that's it for me for today. If you want to participate in BYOC - YOU SHOULD!! Then, come back here and tell me...and visit Draz and tell her too.

Have a great Friday!
Till next time. ;)


  1. Have a lovely long weekend! I really love the color purple too but I think my bf loves it more than I do!

    I mowed the lawn this week and thankfully my allergies aren't too bad so I can brave it...

  2. Purple is also high up on my color list. And just because I haven't been here to say it doesn't mean I didn't read and haven't been thinking it but OMFG - CONGRATS on the job! I'm over the top excited for you...........xoxo

  3. I love to mow..although it messes with my allergies happy you got a job!


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