Monday, May 07, 2012

I'm Ready For Ya, Monday!

Dear Diary...

Well, after a very eventful weekend, I'm now ready to begin the last full week of work before Summer Break.  Yep, you heard me right.  I just have this week, four days next week, and that's it.  School's Out For Summer!

Regardless how the dreaded job hunt goes this week, I plan on trying to enjoy myself.  I want to make the most of it.  I'm sure this week will go by just as quickly as every other week has this past school year - so I just plan on going with the flow and seeing what's in store for me. 

I went and did some grocery shopping yesterday.  It really made me realize how much I've changed in regards to my eating habits.  Not so long ago, when I grocery shopped I bought things because they looked or sounded good.  I checked calories, but if I didn't consider it too high - I bought it.  Now, I'm like Sherlock Holmes when it comes to shopping.  I look at the nutrition label, I read the ingredients.  The first ingredient that I come to that I don't know how to pronounce - it's thrown back on the shelf.  I'm learning to recognize "alternative" ingredients - like evaporated cane juice or brown rice syrup.  I know that they are forms of sugar, but when my options are something made with processed sugar and something made with either of those two... I'm going with the cane juice or rice syrup.  It may not be any better than sugar, but it's less processed.  I have to consider the lesser of two evils, I guess. 

My fridge is now loaded with fresh fruits and veg.  I've got whole grain pita wraps and whole grain bread to accompany my lunches - and some dinners - this week.  I've got unsalted almonds.  I've got my Kashi cereal.  I'm ready to go for another week of mostly clean eating. 

The amount of weight I've lost these past two weeks - since making the switch to clean eating - is unbelievable.  I can feel it, even though my clothes don't necessarily show it just yet.  I'm starting to recognize the changes I feel when I eat clean versus eating something that's not.  I can now identify cravings, and find healthy foods to satisfy them.  Late night snacking has basically disappeared.  The food I'm eating is keeping me satisfied and full.  It just pains me that it's taken me this long to discover the benefits I can have just by eating cleaner. 

Last night, I did some thinking about this summer.  How great would it be to go back to work - wherever that may be - in August, and look like a totally different person?  If I can lose 8lbs in two weeks by just changing my eating - just think what I can do with three full months on my hands?  I may end the school year off in a size 18... but is it possible to go back to work in a size 14?  I think it is.  I have the whole summer to make friends with exercise, again.  The first month I'll be in Oklahoma staying at my parent's house... but that doesn't mean I can just sit on my rear.  I'll be able to get up early and go out for a nice, long walk each morning.  Once I come home, I'll be able to disappear to the gym anytime I want... for as long as I want. 

The thought of what I can accomplish this summer excites me.  Depending on whether or not I find a teaching job, I'll have anywhere from 10-12 weeks off this summer.  If I lose 2lbs a week, that could equate to a loss of 20-24lbs.  There's so much possibility for more.  If I work hard enough.  I'm 43lbs away from being 200lbs.  That's a big number... but I sure would like to be in the vicinity by the time August gets here. 

I know, I'm getting ahead of myself - once again.  I know I have to take one day at a time.. but it's always good to have a goal.  Something to work towards. 

So, I'm ready for ya Monday.  I'm ready to start this week off on a positive note.  I'm ready to take on the challenges that lay in front of me.  I'm recharged and ready.  And that's a good place to be.

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Oh, yeah! Now here's my warrior princess in action! Get it, girl!! Make it your summer!


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