Tuesday, May 29, 2012

True Confessions Tuesday!!!

Wouldn't it be nice if one Tuesday, I came on here and said "Sorry folks, I have absolutely nothing to confess this week"? You should be so lucky. As long as I'm overweight, ticked off about something - which you all know is pretty much all of the time - and breathing...I'm going to have something to confess.

So, like I've done for pretty much every Tuesday for over a year... I'm going to share this week's confessions....

I confess that... I am so happy that once I'm done babysitting at my parent's house, I don't have to attend ESL academy. I was supposed to spend the the last two weeks in June attending a 12 hour a day/7 day a week college course that would give me my certification to teach ESL. It's a course that's only offered for AR teachers - or this course is - so, now I'm no longer eligible to take it. As much as I'd like to be ESL certified, I know that spending two weeks doing that after spending 4 weeks at my parent's house would have completely knocked me over the edge of becoming clinically insane. No one wants that.

I confess that... I'm still not eating well. I'm eating once or twice a day, and my food choices are anything but clean. I know it has a lot to do with the options that I have here at my parent's. They left tons of food for me to use while they are away, but hardly any of it fits in with the clean eating I want to be doing. I think that may be why I'm skipping so many meals - it's frustrating me that I don't have the options that I want. Once I get home, things will be a lot easier in that aspect.

I confess that... I'm not drinking near enough water. I'm down to drinking maybe 32ozs a day, and my body is informing me exactly what it thinks of that decision. I'm a little swollen and bloated because I'm probably a little on the dehydrated side. I just need to start carrying my water bottle around with me everywhere.

I confess that... I posted an ad on Craigslist last night to give away my sweet, precious dog, Asia. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old, and she's now 6 years old. I don't want to give her away - but Hubby and I are really tired of her using our entire house as a toilet. It started a little after she was fixed - and it's just gotten worse. She was paper trained, and I've kept her as an inside dog. But, the truth is, she needs access to a back yard - and I don't have one to give her. It breaks my heart thinking of not having her in the house with me - but hopefully I can find someone who can give her everything I can't.

I confess that... I spent a good part of yesterday watching House Hunters and Love It or List It on HGTV, and now I'm in an ancy, must find a new house or redecorate our house mood. I'd much rather find a new house, but being that I'm just now starting a job and I still have plenty of bills to take care of - urm, student loans - I'm not sure a new house is something that will be feasible for another couple of years.

I confess that... this week, Sanity asked me if I'd be interested in teaching a nutrition class at the summer camp she's working at the week of June 18th. It will be 4 half days, teaching the same lesson twice a day. I feel honored that she asked me to teach such a class, but it scares me a little. I'm not exactly the poster child of nutrition right now, but the money is really good - and I'd love to have a little extra cash to spend. I would love to use the money on a staycation for Hubby and I. I'm thinking about teaching the class on the importance of healthy food choices and ditching the video games for some outside activities. Suggestions would be very much appreciated. Hrm, hrm, hint, hint.

I confess that... tomorrow, I will be purchasing my first furniture thing for my new classroom. A pair of bean-bag chairs. Being that I haven't gotten to think about my new classroom at all since finding out I'm actually going to have one - it was nice to find a friend that was getting rid of her bean-bags and snatch them from her.

I confess that... my mood has lifted quite a bit the past couple of days. As much as I could think of things I'd much rather be doing - I don't have that option, so I'm making the most of what I've got to work with. My parent's house is nice, comfortable, and in a relaxing location. I can either think of this as a small vacation - or a prison sentence. Who wants to spend their time feeling like their in prison? Not me! So, mini vacation feeling it is.

I confess that... I'm so jealous of Jelly right now. She left on Sunday to go spend the week with P-Momma. Yesterday, I got this texted to me...

Yep, I'm so jealous. She's having a blast in the pool. Which I'm happy about - she deserves a little break. I just can't wait until I'm able to join her in that crisp, clear water.

I confess that... I'm going to do more walking this week. Probably late in the evening, because in the morning I'm doing my blog posts and drinking coffee. Not a great excuse, but being that I was outside at 8am this morning and was dripping sweat by just sitting there - I think I'll enjoy the evening walks better.

Alright, I think that's plenty for one day. It's going to be a relaxing day for me today - and then tomorrow and Thursday I'll be able to get out of the house and do some running around. I've never been more excited about running errands - HA!

Till next time. ;)

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