Saturday, July 04, 2009

Day 16: Fireworks, fun, and FOOD!!

This morning started out with my dear hubby letting me sleep in while he got up with the baby..such a great man. Then a sweet whisper of yummyness swept thru the bedroom, and my curiosity got the better of me. Just as I was going to roll out of bed to see what sweet desires were being prepared in the kitchen, hubby stuck his head in the door and told me that he had made blueberry muffins for breakfast. He'd used the blueberries that my children and I picked yesterday, that I had full intentions of using for some healthy treat for myself - but no, they went into a batch of warm, tempting, sweet muffins. A quick argument with my mind told me to just stay in bed, and hopefully they would all be gone by the time I decided to get up. Well, no, my thoughtful hubby decided to save me a couple.

I have to take a sidenote to say that I love my hubby very much, and he's been very supportive of my weight loss efforts - but I really wonder if he just doesn't get what it is that I'm trying to do...ugh...

Anyways, I get up and get a cup of coffee and eye the muffins. They're only little, and I asked how much sugar was in them. He told me he "only" used 1 cup for the whole dozen he baked. Again, my mind started screaming at me - but my stomach won and I ate them. I told my mind not to fret, for the afternoon plans were for me to swim in my parent's pool for a couple of hours - so extra workout!!

A last minute invite got my 4th of July weekend off to a festive start. The family was invited to go to a friend's house to watch fireworks from her front yard. No biggie, I love fireworks, but then she told me that she'd be ordering pizza for everyone..DOH!!

I headed out to Oklahoma to pick up my oldest daughter who had been there all week with my parents. The plan originally was to head over there and swim for a couple of hours before coming home, but our quick change in plans caused me to not be able to!! Oh well, the plans must go on. After a quick stop home to pick up hubby, we were on our way to our friend's house.

We had a great evening of chatting - but then the pizza arrived. Every ounce of my body - which is too many ounces for me to calculate in my head - quivered with excitement as the pizza was laid upon the table. My mind began racing as I argued with myself over the pros and cons of having a slice or two. The thoughts of the two muffins I had for breakfast, added to the fact that I hadn't worked out all day weighed on me big time. Then I fed myself the biggest line of crap, and told myself - it's 4th of July (almost) - I get a holiday...OUCH!! I ended up eating 3 slices of pizza!! DAMN - all the hard work, all the dedication, gone in a split second. I spent the rest of the evening absorbed in guilt. My mind quickly reminded me of how much I was going to regret the consumption of the evil that layed within. I told hubby that tomorrow morning, I'm getting up early and I'm going for a run. He looked at me with a look that I took as "yeah, right" - but I WILL DAMN IT!!

Well, I feel better for getting some of the guilt off of my chest. I will get up in the morning and go for a run. I will be good tomorrow. I will not throw all of my hardwork out of the window for 3 slices of pizza. The show ain't over till the fat lady sings...and I'm not gonna be singing until I'm THIN!!!

Ok, till next time ;)

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