Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 37: Family, Friends, Food

This weekend has been a fun one - not my greatest as far as my challenge goes...but not bad. Most weekends are spent running around with my family going places, doing some shopping, and spending very little time at home. This weekend was an exception - but we had people over, and that wasn't the best situation for me.

I enjoy an alcoholic beverage every once in a while. I'm not a big drinker - just every now and then when I'm out with friends, or they come here. I was good in the fact that I drank my mixed drinks with diet pepsi - but the migraine that slipped in Friday night put a damper on that very quickly. Most of yesterday I spent the day in miserable pain - and we had family and friends coming over for a barbeque. I tried to get a nap in, but that didn't help - so I put on a brave face for my company and went on the best I could.

My migraine slowly disappeared in the late afternoon - right as the food was ready. I hadn't eaten all day - because my stomach told me that it wouldn't of been the best idea - but by the time the food was ready off the bbq...I was HUNGRY!! Hubby had cooked up hamburgers and hotdogs for the family - and I had him prepare me some chicken. I did eat a piece of the chicken, and a hamburger...and then a hotdog..DOH!! Way too much - but being that I hadn't eaten all day, I figure I still didn't go over my calorie allowance too bad for the day.

Also, being that I had felt like crap all day - I skipped my workout. That probably wasn't a good idea, but come on people - I wasn't feeling good..think that's a pretty good excuse.

So, Saturday - day 37 - was a wash. I'm writing it off as a "freeby" day. I was feeling like crap, I didn't work out, I ate too much, and entertaining to boot. Just gonna move on and deal with it. Day 38 I will just get pick myself back up and move on.

Till next time :)

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