Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 40/41: Feel Like a Zombie!!

As I reported in my last blog, I thought I was starting to get sick. Well, that may have been the case but has been the last of my worries - cause instead I've had a VERY sick toddler. :(

Tuesday evening, I noticed my baby had small white blisters on her tongue. So, first thing Wednesday morning, we took a trip to the doctor's. I found out she had a viral infection - which they could NOTHING for!! UGH!! So, for the next 5-10 days - she just has to live with it and get over it herself.

I'm no newbie to having a sick baby - but being that my middle child is 7, it's been a while. I forgot how much it takes out of a person taking care of a sick baby. Last night, she was up well after midnight in pain - and there was nothing I could do but console her the best I could and refrain from pulling my hair out. I was then up at 5:30am to take the dog out, and then my baby woke up at 6. Today was a little better - until this evening - but I managed to get her to sleep pretty now I come to my place of comfort - my computer.

What has this got to do with my challenge?? Nothing, really. Except the fact that the last thing I've thought about is getting on the treadmill. With running to the doctor's, not being able to free my baby from my hip, dealing with not feeling well myself, and trying not to pass out from lack of sleep - my exercising has had to take the back burner.

My eating hasn't been the best either. I've only eaten when I've managed to - which has consisted of 1-2 small meals a day since Tuesday. Everytime I try to pick up something to eat, my baby needs me -and so my eating has to be put on hold. By the time she's asleep - I'm just not hungry.

Tomorrow, I have to take my two dogs to the vets - which is right during Jada's nap time - which means no workout, more than likely, again. However, I'm bringing in some help. I'm going to pick up my sister tomorrow afternoon, and she's going to spend the weekend with me - to help me out a little. My hubby's done the best that he could, but being that he works nights - he really needs to sleep during the day, which leaves me with taking care of the baby. The worst part is, my baby is a total "momma's girl" - so even when he does try to help, she doesn't want to leave my side.

So, this is more of a rant rather than an update - but it's an update, nonetheless. Hopefully this will be gone by next week - so I can get back on sanity needs it!!

Till next time. :)

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