Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cleaning, Harry Potter, Christmas Cards and That is All

Today is one of those days I've been dreaming about for a while.  A Saturday that doesn't involve homework, lesson plans, or running errands.  A Saturday that is on my terms, doing the things I want to do.

I don't remember the last Saturday where I got to live carefree and not feel guilty for putting my family off for the piles of homework, or feel guilty about putting off the piles of homework for my family.  This Saturday, I can do whatever I want when I want - because I don't have anything holding me back.

So, how am I celebrating this amazing freedom?  First, I'm doing something I haven't done in a long time - clean my house!!!  Nothing too major.  I'm going to straighten up my office and pack away all of the school supplies that I don't have to see again until January.  Then I'm going to vacuum and straighten up the living room.  The kids and Hubby have been really good about keeping the house clean while I've been in Unit Lockdown - so there's really not that much to do.

This afternoon, I'm taking Peanut to see the new Harry Potter movie.  She's been waiting patiently for this day to arrive.  It has been our tradition, since the first Harry Potter movie hit the theater, to go and see the new movies.  Up until this one, we were two of those crazy people that stood in line forever to see the movie opening weekend.  Because of my crazy life, we weren't able to do that this time around - but seeing it a couple of  weeks late won't be so bad.  We won't have to deal with the masses of people or waiting in line or fighting to get good seats or deal with the rude people that insist on talking on their cell phones during the movie or the kids that refuse to shut up and watch and spend the whole time saying "Mommy, what's happening?" every two minutes.  Come to think of it, we may find that we actually prefer seeing the movie a couple of weeks late.

After the movie, Peanut and I are going to grab a few boxes of Christmas cards and then will be spending the afternoon writing them out.  I haven't written out Christmas cards in YEARS!!  Well, that's not entirely true.  I have written out the odd card here and there, but no more than...urm...probably 5 each year.  This year, I get to write cards to all of the amazing teachers I work with and the students in my class - not forgetting my awesome first graders that I miss so much.  I plan on making some hot chocolate, putting on some Christmas music, and Peanut and I will have some great Mom & Me time.

After dinner, I'm thinking we will all watch a movie.  We'll probably pop some popcorn and make more hot chocolate.  The movie on the agenda tonight is Grown Ups.  Hubby, Peanut, and I have all been waiting for a while to see this - and Netflix finally delivered (no pun intended). 

Doesn't my day just sound glorious??  I know, it does.  So, now it's time to get it started....

That. Is. All.

Till next time, ;)

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