Thursday, December 02, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas List

In the spirit of the season - and because I'm so tired of writing about school work and stress - I've decided to start writing some fun posts.  Fun to write, hopefully fun to read.  I figured, today, I'd start with my Christmas list.  The list is the top 5 things (in no particular order) I'd love to have - if money was no object and I had the power to transform reality.  Let's get to it....

1.  A New House -This would be my biggie. I want 5 bedrooms - one each for me and the kids, and a home office.  A would also like a "bonus room" that would be my home gym.  I want plush carpet in the bedrooms and living room, tile and hardwood in the bathrooms and kitchen.  I have one of those stupid houses that has carpet in the bathrooms....yes, carpet in the BATHROOM.  Not sure what people are thinking when they do something like that.  Being by the lake would also be nice. 

2.  A Job Offer - Not exactly something someone gets for Christmas...but it'd be nice.  I still have 6 months until I graduate - but it sure would be great to know that once I walk across the stage I don't have to stress about how I'm going to pay back student loans.  Teaching jobs around here are far and few between....I worry that I won't be able to find a job once I graduate.  I would really love to know that after 4 years of college, I won't have to get an office job or work in a grocery store - not that there's anything wrong with that.  I will do what I have to - but you know...I'd kind of like to do what I worked so hard to train for.

3.  A Money Tree - An unpaid internship sure does put some pressure on the purse strings.  I have another month before I get my next payment of student loans - and the well is almost dry.  I'd take good care of it - despite the fact that I have a brown thumb.  On second thought - maybe a money "tree" wouldn't be the best thing....

4.  An iPad - cause they're freaking cool...and I love my iPhone, so I'm pretty sure I'd love to have a bigger version. 

5.  True World Peace - Yeah, I'm no beauty queen, but it sure would be nice if this was a possibility.  I want the troops to be home with their families for Christmas.  I want people to truly be free to practice whatever religion they choose - without persecution.  Countries would run their own business - and there would be no such thing as war or world domination or starving children or abuse or murder or any of the other nasty, terrible things that happen in this world every second of every day. 

So, there's my list.  If I were to sit on Santa's lap - this would be what I'd wish for.  Making a list like this makes me feel a little selfish.  I mean, I have so much - a loving family, a house, food, is good.  When I start wishing for extravagant things, I realize that those things really don't matter (except for world peace...that WOULD matter).  Sure the house, the iPad and money tree would still be nice - but I can live without them.  I can live without any of those things....I have truly been blessed in my life.  That's the greatest gift of all.

So, if you could wish for anything - what would be on your grown up Christmas list?

Till next time.  ;)


  1. Have you been looking at my list? I'd take all those, with the exception of the iPad, I'm going right for the iMac :D.

    A house would be nice. I only need 3 or 4 bedrooms and absolutely NO carpet in the bathroom. I grew up in a house with carpet in the bathroom. Apple green shag at that!

    Isn't it nice to dream wildly sometimes.

  2. Joanna-I just stumbled upon your blog and I was excited to see another 28 year old mom to 3 kids, in school working towards a degree in elem. ed.!! LOL Your like my twin haha. WTG On your weight loss, I am just really starting my journey and feel like I have such a long way to go. I look forward to reading your blog! Have a great day!

  3. Welcome, Tara!! Glad you found me. :)


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