Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Second Day of Christmas....

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!!  I couldn't be more happy that it's hump day.  That means there's only a couple more days until my Christmas break begins...and I'm so excited.

Today is, realistically, the last day of doing focused academic work for my students.  Technically, they're supposed to be doing academic work all the way up to Friday - but I'm a realist.  I know that the thought of the Christmas party tomorrow, and being in their PJs on Friday isn't going to be the best way for them to focus.  The excitement for the next two days, alone, is going to be a struggle to get them to focus today.  It's OK, though.  I can't fault them.  I know exactly how they feel.  They're ready for the break just as much as I am.

Today is Jelly's first ever school Christmas party.  She has no idea.  None of the kids do.  The daycare owner is one smart cookie - she's kept it quiet this whole time so that the kids wouldn't drive her nuts.  A strategy I only wish could be applied at the elementary schools.  After work, yesterday, I went and picked up some things for the kiddos to enjoy at their party.  I bought gingerbread, frosting, and M& you can't guess what they are going to be doing today..LOL  I think the kids are going to have a blast. 

The daycare and my class, funny enough, are doing the same concept when it comes to gift exchange.  It's a pretty awesome idea - one I hadn't heard about up until a few weeks ago.  The kids are all to bring a book (either used or new).  The books will be wrapped and then exchanged with the other kids.  In my classroom, they kids are going to be read a Christmas story.  Each time the page is turned, they move the gift one person to the left.  At the end of the book, they get to open their gift.  I'm not really sure how they daycare is doing it - but it's a really great idea.  Jelly will be taking three little board books: The Snowy Day, Freight Train, and Goodnight Moon.  The perks of having a student teacher as a mother is the fact that I own HUNDREDS of childrens' books.  I own each of those books in paperback, so I have no problem handing over the board books. 

Speaking of gifts, yesterday was the second day for the 12 days of Christmas blog swap.  I was so excited to get home from work, yesterday afternoon, to open my next gift.  Jelly was equally excited.  I found the next package to open and Jelly did the honors of opening it.  What I got was very awesome...wanna know what it was??

On the second day of Christmas, my new friend gave to me...

Two foam ornament sets that made me so very happy.

Jelly was super excited when she saw the boxes - she automatically assumed that they were something she could eat.  When I explained to her that there wasn't anything for her to eat inside...she handed me the boxes and went back to playing with her "baby blanket" dishtowel I received yesterday.  I was much more excited.  I automatically thought about how great these ornaments will be to make in my classroom.  At first, I thought about taking them to school this week....and then I decided that I'm going to put them away and hopefully use them next year - in my OWN classroom. 

So, my new friend, Danielle, has given me the first Christmas activity that I can do with my own students in my own classroom - hopefully (everyone keep your fingers crossed that I get a job in the Spring) next year.

OK, time to get ready for work.  Everyone have a great Hump Day!!!

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. Poor Jelly. Foam ornament sets are not for eating. heehee. At least she has her "baby blanket" dishtowel.

    I like your idea for the ornaments. Happy to help with classroom supplies. :-)


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