Saturday, December 18, 2010

On the Fifth AND Sixth Day of Christmas...

This is it...the day has come...I am officially on Christmas break.  Yes, folks, for the next two weeks I don't have to worry about getting up at 4am, writing lesson plans, recess or lunch duty....well, I do have to do lesson plans for the first week back to school - but I'm not worrying about that this week!!

Yesterday went by so quickly.  I really thought it would be one of those days that would drag on forever... but there was so much going on, we didn't have time to stop all day.  At 8am, we took the kiddos down to the cafeteria to hear The Polar Express read by the principal.  It was nice.  The kiddos even got their very own "first gift of Christmas"...yep, they all got bells to wear around the neck.  You can imagine what the walk back to the classroom was like.  What has two thumbs and confiscated half of those bells before we even got back to the classroom?  Yep, this Scrooge did.  I couldn't help it.  I asked them about 50 million times not to ring them in the hallway because of the other classes working...but you's not like they're going to listen to me.  I think by lunch time, only 5 kids still had their bells on.  Don't worry - I gave them all back at the end of the day...I'm sure the bus drivers and the parents were THRILLED.  Every kid in the school got one.

I made up for my Scroogey ways in the afternoon by playing a game of Christmas bingo with the kids, giving them all Hershey Kisses most of the day, and something I probably shouldn't of done..but did.  On Fridays, the whole grade does "Super Friday".  The kiddos get to pick if they want to do games, watch a movie, have an extra recess, or have an art class.  Each teacher is responsible for an activity and the grade breaks up into different classrooms.  My responsibility this month has been study hall.  Yep, I got the kids that didn't follow the rules all week and got into trouble.  They usually get to work 100 math problems while the rest of the grade enjoys their reward.  Yesterday, I just couldn't make those kids do the math problems.  So, I brought them into the classroom, swore them to secrecy....and then put on a movie for them to watch.  I just couldn't bring myself to punish the kids right before they left for Christmas break.  Of course, swearing a group of 2nd graders to secrecy is like asking them to not ring their bells in the hallway - but the other teachers weren't too mad.

So, overall, yesterday was fantastic.  When I got home, Jelly wanted to open 'her' next gift.  (That's what she told me).  We found the gift for the fifth day.  Before she opened it, she knew what it was by the wrapping - but it didn't hide her excitement while she was ripping off the paper...LOL

On the Fifth Day of Christmas, my new friend sent to me...
A new cold drink cup in case I want some iced coffee!!

Jelly wasn't thrilled - I was super excited.  I use one of these cups at work, and I LOVE the idea of having one at home.  What fascinates me is the colors of this cup.  In the beginning survey, I told Danielle that my favorite colors are pink and purple.  She managed to incorporate both favorite colors into this gift- and I think it's amazing.

Being that I no longer have to get up at the butt crack of dawn for the next couple of weeks.  I decided that today I would catch up - so that I could post about the gift on the day it's opened.  To do that, it meant posting about yesterday and today's gift.  So, here goes for today.

On the Sixth Day of Christmas, my new friend sent to me...

The cutest little candle I have ever seen!!!

Yes, it's a candle.  Isn't it the most adorable thing you have ever seen?  The candle smells like cream - the little cup fits perfectly on the little saucer - I LOVE IT!!!  Jelly thought it was for her, of course, and got very excited.  She wasn't very happy when I told her that it was breakable - and a candle.  She gave it up with no arguments, though...LOL

OK, so tomorrow, I will be able to post the 7th gift on the 7th day of Christmas.  Tomorrow, I will also be doing another installment of "Dear..."  I really enjoyed that last week.

Tonight I'm off to a Christmas sweater party...should be fun!!

Everyone have a great Saturday!!

Till next time.  ;)

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