Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the First Day of Christmas, My New Friend Sent to Me....

Yes, my package arrived yesterday containing my twelve days of Christmas gifts for the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Swap.  I was like a little kid on Christmas morning as I was ripping off the wrapping of the box containing it all.  Of course, Jelly was just as excited - and she wanted in on the action.

Once I got the box opened, and read the card inside - it was time to find my first gift to open.  Before I get to that, I'm going to share just a little about my partner.  My swap partner's name is Danielle and she's from New York.  I could tell, right away, that she put a lot of effort into the way she had planned the box.  Each gift is designated a letter A-L.  She sent a card with the instructions of the order to open and for which gifts went together, and she has also attached a little note to each gift.

OK - now on to the gift.  So, Jelly was super excited to see all of the wrapped presents - and it was quite a challenge to convince her that the gifts were not for her.  She started grabbing at packages, as I grabbed back.  We came to an arrangement where she could open the gift.  Not so much as an arrangement, more like she was going to open the gift regardless...I just had to control the gift she opened and quickly lock away that were for the coming days.  She immediately started ripping off the paper.  I think that no matter what was in the package - she would have been excited.  With this gift, the excitement was genuinely linked to the gifts - yes that was plural - that was in the first package.

On the first day of Christmas, my new friend sent to me....

Three reindeer headbands, two jingly hair ties, and a poinsettia dishtowel...as you can see.

I know, I know, on the first day of Christmas I should only have one gift...but I'm definitely not going to complain.  Jelly and I were very excited to see the gifts.   You would think that it would be the awesome headbands or the jingly hair ties that would catch Jelly's eye - but it wasn't.  She went straight for the dishtowel and said "a blanket for my baby!!"  She spent most of the evening wrapping herself and her baby dolls up in the dishtowel.  I was very excited for the headbands and hair ties - because now I have some awesome Christmassy stuff to wear to school this week.

I can't wait to open my next gift - but I promised Jelly that I'd wait until I got home from work...so she could open it with me.

This is so exciting...what a great idea.  Tomorrow, you'll hear all about my next gift.  Now it's time for me to go get on a jingly hair tie.  ;)

Till next time.  ;)


  1. aww... that's so cute! Love the story and the presents.. :)

    Can't wait to get my box, and can't wait to hear about your other presents..

  2. I am so glad that the box arrived and that you and Jelly had so much fun opening the first package. :-) I had lots of fun putting this all together. I thought she'd like the antlers, but if the dishtowel makes her happy than we can all just let her have fun.

    Looking forward to all the posts and seeing what you have to say about the crazy assortment of things waiting for you in the box. heehee :-)

  3. I wore one of the jingle bell hair ties to work today - and the kiddos all loved it. As soon as we got home, Jelly reminded me it was time to open another present...as she hunted for her "baby blanket". LOL

    I LOVE the next gift - and can't wait to post about it in the morning.


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