Friday, December 03, 2010

I Can Sleep When I'm Finished With This Unit...

This is it - the countdown is coming to an end.  I have exactly 3 days to finish the unit.  Three, event filled, no extra time days. 

Jelly's birthday is Sunday.  Tomorrow it's a party with family.  Sunday it's a party with more family.  Monday I go back to work.  Tuesday the unit is due.  So, how am I going to get it finished?  There's only one thing I can do - work 3rd shift!

I pulled my first "all-nighter" last night.  I stayed up most of the night and then went to work this morning.  Luckily, it was only a half day at school.  I was/ am completely exhausted.  After I left work, I stopped by to see a friend I haven't seen in too long.  I ended up staying there for a couple of hours, so by the time I got home - it was almost time for dinner.  I fought back the urge to pass out on the couch - until after I ate.  Once dinner was over with, so was I.  It was probably around 5pm or so.  Then, I woke up at 7pm - and it's back to work for me!

I'm pretty sure if I was to cut myself, coffee would pour from my veins.  I've been pumping it into my system for days.  I know that drinking this much caffeine is probably dangerous...but it's only for a few more days.  Then I'm switching to whiskey.  Just kidding.  ;)

This whole stress filled, work up until the last minute stupid mess is really my own fault.  I obviously haven't gotten rid of the procrastinator that lives inside of me.  I've known about this unit since the beginning of the semester - 16 weeks ago - yet, here I am, days away from the due date scrambling to get everything finished.  In my defense, however, I've been pretty darn busy!!! 

OK - so it's time to end my sleep deprived rambling and get back to my unit.  I apologize ahead of time for the posts that will appear between now and Tuesday...they will probably just get worse, more random, and ride on the verge of making absolutely no sense whatsoever....but it gives me a break, so I will still be posting.

Till next time.  ;)


  1. You can do it! You can do it! The procrastinator in me is cheering you on from the sidelines (waiting until Monday to cheer ya on verbally.. lol)

    Good luck with the no-sleep thing.. I hear good things about the 5 hour energy shots.. :)

  2. Thanks, Sarah. I've decided to sleep tonight - I just can't even see straight anymore. I will resume operation: no sleep tomorrow. :)

    I know...the procrastinator lives on.


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