Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Day in the Life of a College Student

Today I will be doing something I've never done before.  I have been a college student for 3 1/2 years.  Let me say that again..I've been a "non-traditional" college student for 3 1/2 years.  Being "non-traditional" means that I didn't go straight to college from high school - I'm one of those people that waited almost a decade before deciding I needed a college degree.  Not so much decided I need one, decided that I want to work in a job that I love, do something I've wanted to do my entire life.  Unlike traditional students - most of them anyways - I have kids, I have some experience working in the corporate world, I have lived an adult life - knowing what hard times are, working from pay-check to pay-check to make ends meet, working long hours just to get a little extra money to pay the bills.  Now, I work a job where there is no paycheck.  My pay is received in experience, enrichment, and enjoyment.

I've worked fast-food.  I've worked in a factory.  I've worked in a call center.  I've worked as a receptionist.  I've worked for the biggest retailer in the world - in a nice little cubicle.  I've been there, done that.  The pay wasn't always great - but it was something.  Now I work anywhere from 8 - 10 hours a day and try to work another couple of hours each night at home - the difference is, though, I LOVE IT!  It's weird to say, but I don't mind not getting paid for it.  I don't think about how many hours have to pass until it's time to go home.  I choose to stay late some nights.  I don't count down the days until pay-day just to see the fruits from my exhausting labor.  The money doesn't matter.  Of course, I'm sure Hubby doesn't share in my feelings - he's the one picking up the slack. 

The job I do during the day is great.  I love it.  Then I have to come home to my second job: my life as mommy and college student.  On top of taking care of three kids, I also have to keep on top of my class work.  There is a LOT of classwork.  I have to do all of that at home.  Working at home is almost impossible.  Jelly has built in radar for days when "momma" has work to do.  I swear the child will play quietly all day by herself if I'm sitting on the couch doing nothing.  The minute I go into my office to work the "momma, momma"s begin.  "Mommy can I have a snack?" "Momma, can I have some milk?"  "Momma, can I watch Spongebob?"  "Momma, can I have a book?" "Momma, can I color?"  It's constant - always something else to ask for.  I'm up and down so many times, I'm wore out before I even get a sentence out on the computer.  You'd be amazed at how long it really takes me to write my blog every day.  There's just no hope to really get a dent on the mountain of work that has to be done if I try and do it at home.

Finally - I'm getting to the point.  I like a build up - but my goodness can I rant on sometimes..geez.  Today, I'm getting out of the house to work.  Sanity and I are loading up our laptops, our books, our earphones - and heading to a little coffee shop to spend an entire day working.  Today, we live the lives of college students.  I don't know how many times I've been in to a coffee shop and seen the ocean of laptops.  Coffee shops are kind of like libraries - but smell better.  They are quiet.  They are relaxing.  They offer my favorite beverage in the whole wide world in so many varieties that I get giddy just thinking about what I'm going to order.  We are going to work together, with another great friend of ours, and bounce ideas off each other.  We are going to plan, get our thoughts in writing, and hopefully make a dent in what has been dubbed "The Unit".  It is our end of the semester project - what the whole semester has been about - the do or die of the class. 

I never thought I'd be so excited - but I am.  It's silly, but I really feel like this is going to be such a great day for me.  I can destress a little, relax a little, but work my ass off in the process.  No interruptions from Jelly.  No distractions from the other two kids.  No worries about getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  No laundry, no cleaning.  Just me, my best gal-pals, a never-ending cup of coffee, and my faithful laptop.

"Taking some time for myself can sometimes be the greatest way to deal with everything else that life throws at me."

Till next time. ;)

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