Wednesday, November 03, 2010

What's Up with the Christmas Decorations Already?

I apologize in advance for my very random post this morning.  Then again, the past week I've written about the weather, missing my parents, and moving my house around - guess it's just another regular post. HA!

So, Monday morning, I'm driving to work.  On my way I see something shining from a window of a house I always drive by.  As I get closer I literally say out loud "please don't be what I think it is" but sure enough - it was - a Christmas tree.  There it was, lit up, shining out the window for all to see.  After work, I had to go to a meeting at Grover's school.  On my way there, I drove through "down-town" and there were Christmas lights on all of the buildings.  They were on, and I saw several "Seasons Greetings" signs as I'm driving.  Not on stores, wanting Christmas patrons, just randomly hanging from street signs and light poles.

I'm driving to work yesterday morning.  I roll my eyes as I drive by Christmas tree house, and then a couple of miles further out loud I say "you have GOT to be kidding me!"  There was a different house, completely decked out with Christmas lights.  Not just around the house - on all of the bushes and trees.  There was a lit up Santa on the roof, and pretty candy-canes lining the drive-way.  *Insert another eye-roll.*

Now I know that there isn't a rule book that outlines the appropriate day for hanging Christmas decorations.  I just can't believe people are starting to decorate the day after Halloween!!  I grew up in a house that hung the Christmas tree exactly twelve days before Christmas.  Being from England, that's the tradition - you know, cause of the song I guess.  When I moved to America, I kind of liked the idea of hanging the decorations the day after Thanksgiving.  When I was grown, and able to decorate when I wanted - that's what I did.  Having a full month to celebrate Christmas is great.  Sitting by the crackling fire by the dim and blinking of the Christmas lights, drinking a hot cup of cocoa....that's getting into the spirit. 

My mind just can't get around the Christmas decorations NOW though.  I've grown to live with the stores getting the "Christmas Shoppes" ready in mid October - sometimes earlier than that.  I try to avoid those parts of the stores until after Halloween.  I understand that stores are wanting people to start thinking about Christmas early, so they'll start spending money - and all that jazz.  What I didn't expect was for people to rush home with their Christmas decorations - on Halloween weekend - and get their houses all a-glow for the holiday season - two months in advance!

Now, I'm nobody special to tell people when they should or shouldn't hang their decorations.  This is my personal opinion - and being that this is my blog, I guess I can kind of post my personal opinion.  I'm not a Scrooge - in fact, Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I count the days down to Thanksgiving, when I can start decorating.  It's become quite the tradition to kick everyone out of the house after a great meal, and then the kids and I working into late in the evening getting the tree up - and making our house a Winter Wonderland.  I just don't see the significance of doing it this early.  Yes, I'm repeating myself - I'm hoping that maybe if I say "I don't get it" enough times - maybe I'll start to get it.  Not working, yet!

Around here, the weather is starting to cool off.  This week, the weather is going to hit the mid-sixties all week - which is pretty chilly.  Maybe people are letting the cooler weather get to their heads and thinking that it's better to hang the lights outside, while it's not freezing outside...I get that, I really do.  Just because you hang the lights, though - you don't have to turn them on.  I don't know - I'm going on and on....just something that has made me say "hmmm" this week.

"There's nothing wrong with having an opinion."

Till next time.  ;)

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