Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kind of Proud of Myself

Feeling pretty good this morning.  After a very long day at work yesterday, I pushed myself to go and work-out.  My cardio circuit work-out buddies told me that they were changing the days around this week - and that they were working out last night instead of Friday night.  That's great for me, because on Wednesdays I don't have to rush off to pick Zoe up from daycare.

So, I went to Cardio-Circuits.  The circuits have increased in difficulty since I've been away - that, or I've decreased in stamina and strength...which is probably the more likely of the two.  The circuits had some weight work, some mountain climbers, some yoga, and some high knee running and kicks.  It was really tough to get through all of the circuits three times, but I did.  I felt really happy when I finished - so happy that I decided to go to the track and do a 1 mile power-walk...just for good measure.

While I was walking, I remembered how much I enjoyed coming out to the track.  I really miss the thoughts that pop into my head while I'm walking or running.  I remember things, I realize things - and most importantly I really enjoy doing it.  While I was out walking, I really started to give myself a hard time about not getting more work-outs in, not going to the track every day, and wasting a very big opportunity to win a contest that could give me some well needed cash. 

I think I've gotten to the point, now, where I know that I'm not going to win the Biggest Loser competition.  I can't expect to win after wasting the entire competition doing nothing - and then trying to push myself hard the last week or two.  I know that there are some competitors that have been working really hard the whole time - I can tell by looking at them.  It's disappointing - but not because I will lose after working hard, I'm disappointed that I knew I could win - if I just did what I needed to do.  It's my own fault that I wasted the opportunity - there's nothing I can do about it now.  I will still weigh in on the final day - just because I don't want to be a sore loser. 

Enough with all that stuff - I started out the post positive - I want to stay that way.  I really enjoyed my walk last night - the cooler air made for a very refreshing feeling after working out so hard in the gym.  I'm kind of thinking that I might check out the Couch to 5K thing that I've heard a lot about.  I want to start running again.  I know that I've lost the stamina that I had a few months ago - when I was running a full mile in about 12 minutes.  I very much doubt that I could run 1/2 a mile, now.  It's amazing to me how quickly you can lose something - if you don't keep working at it.  So, no definite plans right now - just something I'm rolling around in my head.

Today, I'm going to class.  It's kind of my "day off" because I get to go to school in my sweats, work on my projects, and see Sanity - that's a great part of class day.  Hopefully we'll get to have our weekly "catch-up" after school - because we haven't been able to the past couple of weeks.  I miss that, because it's therapeutic.  We sit and chat for a couple of hours - share what we've been up to, things that are bothering us, things we're excited about... it definitely saves us both visits to a professional counselor.  Being that I will be in sweats and tennis shoes - I might just go for a walk after our promises, but I'm thinking about it.

Everyone have a great Thursday!!

"It's OK to admit defeat, as long as you don't give up the fight.  Finish strong!"

Till next time.  ;)

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