Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Snow Day

The picture is the view out of my window right before I started writing my post.  I know it's not a great picture - but you can see the snow... you can't see how hard it's still coming down.  About 3" have fallen, and the predicted "heavy" snowfall hasn't even started yet.  That means one thing for me:  SNOW DAY!!!

Today was supposed to be my first college class of my last semester..woo hoo!!  From now until graduation, I will have half a day off on Thursdays and go to school in the afternoon.  That's a nice little break to have mid-week.

So, I'm snowed in. 

A snow day for "old me" would usually mean a pile of snacks, a warm blanket, and the TV remote in my hand. 

A snow day for "new me" means a large glass of water, a warm blanket, and my laptop in my hand....for part of the day.  It also means hooking up my PS3 and working my buns off to some Zumba!!

Pre-college days, a snow day was a gift.  It was Mother Nature's way of saying "you need a day off to relax, catch up on some sleep...enjoy yourself". 

As a college student - the day is still a gift, but it means "you need a day to catch up on work, write out your lesson plans, and make sure you're ready for the coming week."

Teachers dislike snow days with A VENGEANCE.  Snow days for a teacher means having to reorganize everything - decide how to fit the missed stuff into the already jam packed days that follow.  It means having to make the time up at the end of the school year, when the kids have zoned out and prepared themselves for summer fun.  It means fewer days in the summer to have just a little time off, but for the most part prepare for the next school year. 

I, however, am not into that snow day hatred phase yet.  First and foremost, I'm a college student.  I graduate May 14th, regardless of the amount of snow days.  Yes, I still have to reorganize all my plans - but I also get an extra day to unload some of the ever-rising mountain of work that I keep telling myself I need to get to...and then worry about how.  I have a day to prepare for the beginning of my senior project that begins Monday (weather permitting).  I have a day to go over the lesson plans, decide how I'm going to teach the unit that took me so long to create, I have a day to breath - and focus.

So, for the next couple of hours, I'm going to sit in my cozy warm office and review and plan and edit and plan and prepare and plan.

Then, I decided I'm going to take the kids out in the snow.  Jelly has been begging me to go out and build a snowman - and I just can't resist those beautiful baby blues.  This is her first real snow that she can enjoy - how can I deprive her of that? 

Later this afternoon, I think I might take some time to work on my book.  I've been itching to look at it - write - do something that isn't school related....I think that's a perfect start.

Finally - my day will end with some ZUMBA!  I know that Peanut is dying to try it out with me.  We may have to do it this afternoon after the snow to warm up....I'm set schedule for me today.

How do you enjoy snow days?
How do you deal with the comfort food temptations that a snow day brings?
What's your favorite snow day exercise?

I want to quickly add:
Thank you SOOO much for all the kind words of support, yesterday.  I've never had so many comments in one day - it actually made me tear up reading some of your responses and well-wishes. 

Have a great day everyone - I know I will...

Till next time. ;)

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  1. A snow day for me means (usually) more work. Being a licensed in-home childcare provider, that means when the kids get a snow day they get to stay with me. And I'm not complaining! It's nice having a full house and by and large the older children like to help entertain the younger ones. Today, 2 of my daycare children are absent (the dad didn't go to work so he stayed with them). We just spent the morning making a snowman project. Normally I would take them all outside to play in the snow. But 2 of the kids don't have snowpants and my own 6 year old is just getting over the flu. So we've been doing lots of inside stuff today.

    My favorite snow-day workout is usually shoveling snow. I didn't get up early to go to the gym this morning (we had about 5 inches and it hasn't stopped yet!) so I was feeling guilty about that. Until I went outside to shovel the driveway so my daycare parents could drive in. It was a WAY better workout than the gym! I need to go out again today at some point to re-shovel it as it's filling back up fast.

    As for resiting comfort food temptations, I've done enough of that this week already. Time to get my ample rear in gear. I'm too busy today to stop and eat! HA!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!


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