Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goals and Rewards and Deadlines...Oh My

The Monday Project

This week's project, brought to you by the awesome people of the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, is to make a list of short term and long term goals.  That would be easy - if that's all I had to do.  I have to make the list but I ALSO have to create a list of rewards for accomplishing the goals AND put deadlines on the goals.  **Insert nervous giggle**

When I first read the project information, I thought "no big deal".  Then I started working on The List.  Writing a list of goals, like I said, is easy.  It's basically a wish list. 

I wish to be thin one day
I wish to run a 5K or 1/2 marathon one day.
I wish to be better at yoga one day.

Start adding rewards and deadlines - and your goal list has become an agenda.  A to-do list.  A meeting planner with your future, and there's plenty to be done before the meeting.

I decided to break my agenda, yeah that's what I'm going to call it, up into two sections:  Goals I want to achieve in 2011 & Goals I want to achieve in the next 5 years (i.e. short term goals/ long term goals).

Today, I'm going to share my 2011 goals and tomorrow I'll share the 5 year goals.  Ready?  OK:

Let's start with the big goals, and then I'll talk about the steps I'm going to take to achieve them.

Overall Weight loss goal:
To weigh 145lbs

Overall Exercise goal:
To run a full 5K - without any walking (preferably in less than 30 minutes, but that's extra)

That's it - that's what I want to achieve in 2011.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  Yeah, right.  Those are BIG goals...I have to have smaller goals and deadlines (termed action steps by Miss Kerri O) to get there.  So, here's my timeline and action steps to reaching my goals:

Weight loss timeline:

Weigh 199lbs by March 15th (the step into Onederland by the final weigh-in of the Biggest Loser competition)- that means losing 22.4lbs or approx. 2.5lbs a week - gonna be tough
Weigh 175lbs by July 4th (family celebrations, bathing know) - that means losing 46.4lbs in 25 weeks or about 1.87lbs a week
Weigh 145lbs by October 1st (goal to lose 80lbs in 10 months) - that means losing 76.4lbs in 37 weeks or 2.11lbs a week

Yes, I know, they are pretty hardcore.  Losing 2lbs a week is a nice idea - not so sure if it's doable...but I'm going to work my @ss off trying!!

That's where the exercise timeline comes in - the exercise is going to be a big factor into helping me lose the weight.

Exercise Timeline:

Complete Couch to 5K training - March 13th
Complete Running Mate 5K Pace Training - April 24th
Run first 5K:  April 30th (Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure)
Complete Running Mate 5K Fastest Time Training - August/ September
Run a 5K in less than 30 minutes:  TBD (race in the fall...just have to find one)

OK, there's the agenda goals.  I also have some other goals that I want to incorporate to help with the above goals - stuff like
  • Plan all of my meals each and every week
  • 1-2 strength training work-outs each week
  • Try Zumba (heard so much about it, must try it)
  • Drink 60-80ozs water each day
I will make a list of weekly goals each and every week - and I'm keeping a goal journal.  Writing them down, seeing them in black and helps.  It's my record of accountability.

OK - so there's the PLAN.  The agenda.  The blueprint to my success.  Now, let's talk PAYMENT...urm, rewards.

Here's a list of rewards that I'm going to treat myself with with each milestone:

Weight Loss Rewards:

First Milestone (Onederland):  30 minute massage (never had one..want to try it)
Reaching 190lbs:  Romantic dinner with Hubby (romantic meaning no kids)
Reaching 180lbs:  New outfit (top, bottom, and maybe shoes!)
Second Milestone (175lbs):  Mani/Pedi and new bathing suit (want to look good in the pool)
Reaching 160lbs:  Romantic weekend with Hubby (once again, meaning no kids)
Target Weight loss:  A professional photo shoot complete with full make-over and new outfit.... OH YEAH, I'm going BIG!

I really hate having pictures made of myself - because I'm fat.  I want to feel BEAUTIFUL, so that's why my big kahuna reward is to have my first ever professional photography shoot....I'm already getting excited!!

Exercise rewards:

Complete Couch to 5K training:  New running outfit (running pants and shirt...maybe a jacket)
Completion of 1st 5K:  Try a hot yoga session (never done it, really want to try it)
Completion of 5K in less than 30 minutes:  1 hour massage session (I will probably really need it) and a big celebration meal with the whole family - at one of our favorite restaurants (not caring about the calories or fat!) Hey, it's a reward...don't judge!

OK, there you have it.  My goals, deadlines, and rewards.  It was a nerve wracking experience to get them written out...but now that I'm done, I feel empowered.  I feel challenged.  I feel like I am now working for something, towards something - I just have to complete the baby steps to get there.

Today, I want to know:

What's one goal that you worked really hard to reach, and how did you feel when you got there?
Be honest, do you think my goals and deadlines are a little steep?  (yes, I want your honest opinion)
Am I missing something?  Should there be a goal on my list that I've missed?  Maybe, one that really helped you.

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!!

Till next time.  ;)


  1. That was a lot of work you did, coming up with goals and rewards! Yay, you!!!

    One goal I worked hard to reach: when I moved to Arkansas, I made it a goal to start doing 5Ks again; it had been years since I done one. So most Saturday mornings I get up really early and John and Dakota would go with me -- and I was surprised that I would still earn first or second place in my age group! That felt great!

    I'm not an expert, of course, but I do think most weight loss experts would caution you that a loss of 2 pounds a week is typical at the start of a new diet/exercise regimen, but a 1-pound a week loss is more realistic in the long run.

    And -- I almost hesitate to say this, but your note in parenthesis about not caring about the calories or fat might be a red flag that you are seeing your change in diet as a deprivation rather than as a life-long change in lifestyle. Just a thought!

  2. You have some great goals and rewards! It takes me back to when I started running. My first goal I set (and reached) was to compete and FINISH a Sprint Triathlon. When I crossed that finish line I cried like a little girl. My parents cried, my sister (who raced too) cried. It was a time in my life I will never forget. When I am having a hard time staying motivated with my current fitness/race goals, I am able to think about that race and remember how good it feels to accomplish something big. I don't think your goals are too steep. I think as the year goes on, stop and re-evaluate them. Your body will show you the way, how much to push and when you need to but back a bit. Good Luck!

  3. Cathy - actually the not worrying about the calories and fat is a personal joke. Every time I mention getting dinner out, everyone I know says "I thought you're on a diet" - and I respond with "I'm not on a diet, I'm eating healthier". People seem to think that because I'm eating healthier and trying to lose weight, I can no longer eat at a restaurant.

  4. I get it! And I agree!!!! At first, I felt bad when I saw today's post, clarifying what you meant -- but then I thought, no, it's good for all of us to sometimes have to take the time to explain what we REALLY mean -- it helps us to examine ourselves. It helps us go deeper, doncha think?

    Oh, and we're going to Hugo's tomorrow -- so you can see I definitely would not be the person making those statements about not going to restaurants if you're "supposed to be on a diet!"

  5. you go girl!

    i have my own goals and deadlines too - i'm trying to lose 40 pounds by the start of the summer - i've been logging what i eat and my exercise into and the loseit iphone app, both of which i highly recommend. At every milestone I'm rewarding myself with something. Like after the first 5 pounds, I'm going to dye my hair - something I've been wanting to do, but now I have to work for it. And every ten pounds after, new clothes, a new swimsuit (maybe a bikini!), and a hot new dress :) I think about shopping way too much, so maybe if I connect shopping with weightloss and getting healthy, I'll remember to focus on that!

    anyway you can totally do it, i'm rooting for you :)

    I would be totally hypocritical if i said that you can't do it because your goals are too ambitious because that's exactly how i set my goals too - though I have learned that failure is not the end of the world, it's progress that matters! So keep that in mind if you have to dial back your goals; don't consider that a failure, but a lesson learned and you'll still be well on your way!

    Anyway, major congrats for setting goals, and good luck!

    You've inspired me to post my goals on my own blog!

  6. Thanks for the support, everyone!!

    Cathy - you are so right!! You have no reason to be bad, I should actually be thanking you. I needed to clarify what I meant - because I really don't want people thinking that I think of fat and junk food as a reward...that was the old me - and SHE'S GONE!!!

  7. Joanna, if I could use the words of the great Tommy Boy ... This...IS... AWESOME!!! i know, it's one thing to make goals and write them down and then go back later and think, "oh yeah, i had some goals." but to really put out there in detail what you WILL do, NOW we're getting somewhere!!! The thing will be now, if you have a pitfall or a setback, to roll with it, adjust the goals and move on without letting it completely derail all your hard work. You can do that!! This is AWESOME GIRL!!!!!! I can't wait to read about your journey to your 5k. (Here's another amazing thing and what happened to me-- all of a sudden it became less about weight-loss and more about training, the weight just came off on its own! So much less pressure!! Good luck!!!!! I'm so glad you did this!!!

  8. love how detailed your goals are. sure, they are a bit challenging, but pushing yourself is never a bad thing.

    just go easy on yourself if you give it your all and still don't hit them m'kay?

    cause i'll tell you that after 2 years of running I still haven't hit that sub 30 minute 5K. and if you do this year i'll be totally jealous!! :P


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