Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Biggest Loser: Week 2.. Not the Show

I know...I'm not a night blog poster.  I overslept this morning - whoops - and so I had to wait to write my blog post.

It's amazing how out of whack I was all day because I didn't follow my usual routine. 

Not being able to spill my guts on here before heading out for the day is a big deal for me...it throws me off balance, makes me feel like something has been missing all day.  I just can't go to bed without doing a little post.

I would never really consider myself a creature of habit.  My life is so crazy that there's no real set schedule or routine I can put myself in...except for my morning routine. 

I wake up at 4am.  I drink a cup of coffee and write my blog post until 5am.  I then read blogs until 5:30.  Then it's time to get ready for work - and the crazy day begins.

OK, so you should get the picture that I'm out of whack today.

One benefit of posting tonight is the fact that I can report my weigh-in results from my Biggest Loser Challenge.  This morning was my weigh in, and it's week two. 

Last week I said that I would probably use the same weigh-in for this challenge and the Power of One Challenge.  Well, I'm changing my mind...for now.  I'm going to see what my scale says in the morning...and if it's a pretty significant difference from the scale at school (that I weigh in on with my clothes, and a cup of coffee inside of me) then I'm going to keep them separate.  Make sense?  Good!

OK, let's get to it. 

My starting weight was:  225lbs
My weight this week is:  BEEP *random number* Beep *random number* Beep *random number*... 221lbs!!
Total percentage of weight loss:  1.78%

Not too shabby for one week.  Yes, I know that I cheated a little on my first initial weigh-in...it was after lunch...but I'll take it.

Tonight, I was going to try out my new Zumba game for the PS3.  Well, I didn't get home until 6pm.  After I had dinner and then worked on my lesson plans - it was 9pm.  I decided I will do it Thursday.

That actually works pretty well for me.  If I run Sundays and Mondays, I can take the day off on Tuesday and do the Zumba on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  That gives me some exercise 6 days a week - and a day off.  I think I deserve that.

OK - I wrote a post... I feel much better.  It may be a lot of rambling, but now I can sleep well and get back to my normal routine in the morning.

Do you have a routine each day?
What happens if your routine gets messed up?
Are you participating in any challenges, either on or off the web? 
If so, do you feel like they help motivate you?

Till next time - well, tomorrow morning.  ;)

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