Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yep.  The snow came last night, just like they said it would - all 2" of it.  Here in my neck of the woods that's enough to shut the entire city down - schools included.  I'm glad, because the roads are very icy and I don't like icy.

Of course, I didn't hear about the school closing until 4:30, and because I was already awake - I couldn't go back to bed.  Not that I really wanted to, I feel asleep early last night so I'm at my quota for sleep.

I usually always like snow days - but I'm a little bummed we had to get one during my solo week.  The one week I get to teach all by myself, teaching what I want, when I want to....I have to miss a day.

Today was supposed to be the first day of the Biggest Loser challenge.  Luckily for me, the school nurse had her bad weather plan in place - and we all weighed in yesterday to get our starting weight.  I didn't weigh in until after lunch - so, of course, my weight was much higher than it should be.  I guess I'm not too worried about that - just means I have more "wiggle room" for weight loss by next week.

Biggest Loser Challenge first weigh in:  225lbs.

That's about right for a mid-day weight.  I usually see a fluctuation of 2-3lbs.  I'm just hoping that my weight doesn't say that tomorrow morning when I weigh-in for The Power of One Challenge.

Going forward, if the weight for the Biggest Loser is similar to what I'm seeing at home, then I'll just use that weigh-in for both challenges.  This week, with the snow, is going to make it difficult to run - so I'm going to have to find some other form of exercise to do indoors.

Today, I have my work cut out for me.  I'm going to work on my second project for The Power of One.  I have to make a list of short term and long term goals AND rewards. Now, making goals I've already done - they come pretty easy - but I've never really thought about rewards before.  I guess, in my mind, completing a goal has been a reward in it's self.  Knowing that I did something that I had set my mind to do brings joy and happiness - never really needed a reward.

Now that I think about it, though, it would be really nice to have something to help motivate me even more.  It's going to be tough, because I really have no idea what kinds of rewards I want...I guess I could get REALLY creative.  I guess I can also think about rewarding myself with things I've always wanted to try - but have never had the funds, or the time, to do.  Hmm...

In addition to writing out the goals, I also have to challenge myself to put due dates on them - YIKES!!  I'm pretty sure I don't have to know the exact date that I want to lose the weight by...but I need a month in mind.  I have to put my goals on a calendar.  I've always worked really well with deadlines - maybe this is a genius idea, one that I should have thought about long ago.  Where has this challenge been all my life?

So, the title of my post today...I should get to that.  I spend a lot of time rambling on and on about myself in my blog.  It's my blog, about my life - so it's only fitting that I spend 99.9% of the time talking about myself.  Then, I realize why I love reading other blogs so much...because they ask for my input. 

When I read my favorite blogs, I often wonder how these authors get so many comments each day.  They have "loyal followers", myself being one of them.  I love to comment on blogs - I do it almost every day - and then I come back to mine.  I see that people have read my posts - but the comment section collects cobwebs almost every day.  Then, as I was typing a comment this morning on a blog I got that "A-HA" moment.  I was responding to a question - that's why I commented.  I was responding because I was asked to. 

I don't always comment just because of questions.  There are many blogs that I comment because I'm interested in sharing my opinion, because the post moved me, because...well, I just want to say hi.  So, I decided that I want people to feel like they can do the same here.

Every day, I will ask a question or an opinion...or something...about the post topic of that day.  Hopefully I can get some interaction with people.  Yes, I'm jealous of the bloggers who have blogging "friends".  I have a couple of acquaintances...but I still don't feel like I can really say I'm a part of a blogging community.  I want to change that - and yes, it's going on my goal list..HA!  Don't feel like you have to answer all of the questions...just wanted to give some variety.

So, the questions for today:
What are some rewards that you think are good motivators for achieving goals? 
When you think about rewards for yourself, what are some that you like? 
Do your rewards increase by the goals you're working on (are they getting bigger with the size of the goals you're marking off your list)?

I also need some ideas on working out indoors.  Being that my favorite exercise is walking/jogging/running outside - I need something that I will enjoy just as much while being stuck inside.

What are some of your favorite ways to work-out in your home? 
If you use DVDs, what are some that you recommend?
What exercise equipment do you have in your house that you use regularly?

Till next time.  ;)


  1. I will be honest with you - I really don't like working out at home. I just don't have the discipline for it. One thing I have done in the past, though, instead of investing in workout dvds, is try renting some from netflix. They even have some you can stream live through their Instant Play option. The DVDs I do have collect dust. I do much better when I go to the gym. It's almost like - I've put in the effort to get out of the house, I should do something productive with that time.

    As for rewards, I tried coming up with a list of rewards for myself for every 10 pounds lost. And, being who I am my immidate thoughs were food-based rewards. Not the healthiest thing for a person like me. So I took a while and really thought about some of the things I'd like to have. This was no easy task for someone who rarely spends money on herself. But I did it, never the less. You can see the list I came up with on my blog, left hand side (just click the link below my name at the end of my comment).

    And for the record - you are so right about commenting. I will only rarely comment on a blog unless I'm asked a question. I never thought about that before! I do enjoy reading your blog very much, though!

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  2. Colleen, you're so right. I have a nice collection of work-out DVDs...all bought with the best intentions, now collecting dust. I love the Netflix idea..THANKS!!

    I love your rewards!! I really like the increment rewards (for each 10lbs)...thinking that's where I might go.

    I can't believe I wasn't following your blog already - now I am...see, I got to make a new friend. **BIG SMILE**

  3. I like several of the indoor walk DVDs. Denise Austin is a good one, but a lot of people don't like her cheery style. Leslie Sansone also has some good ones. When I lived closer to a gym, that was certainly my preference, but living out in Lincoln means the gym is about 20 miles away! As far as rewards, I try to stay away from food and go for things like a new lipstick or bath oil, that kind of thing.

  4. Rewards... I like the whole idea of pampering things as my rewards. Like a mani, a pedi, or a massage. Or even something I've been wanting...a special book, a special candle, a special outfit.

  5. Cathy - I have a couple of the Leslie Sansone DVDs and I really like them...my favorite is the 5 mile walk.

    J'lynn...LOVE the idea of pampering. Never really been much of a pamperer - so having a mani, pedi, or massage would definitely be something rewarding for me... THANKS!!

  6. Rewards:
    - I treat myself to a reward every 5 pounds. Past rewards have included buying a book/DVD I really wanted and ordering some new nail polish to try from Butter London.
    - I also reward myself for each pound lost, in a $5 addition to my Big Reward Fund. This fund also receives 50 cents for each day I exercise (which has not been in a long while).
    - The Big Reward is currently planned for when I reach 50 pounds lost. It originally was going to be a Coach purse but now may end up being an iPad. I won't have enough in the fund for the whole purchase either way, but I'll have enough set aside to feel comfortable charging the rest of the cost.

    - When I do exercise, I exercise at home. I feel more comfortable not being around other people when I'm working out. Also, I prefer workout videos to gym equipment.
    - DVDs I use are Leslie Sansone walking workouts, Hip Hop Abs, and Kettlenetics.
    (I'm going to have to gradually work my way back to exercising though as I'm now back to being completely out of shape and need to start at a beginner level again)
    - Equipment I own: dumbbells, balance ball, Gazelle (though currently in storage because I don't have room for it at my parents' house).

  7. I agree with what the previous people have said about rewards.. mani, pedi, book, etc. Something small (or big if you choose!) that, when you use/see it, it reminds you how successful you have been. When I get my body the way I want it, I want to get a tattoo somewhere that I never would before. Somewhere like my lower back or hip.
    I also have to say that I love Danielle's idea of a reward fund! My hubby and I just quit smoking and we're putting that money aside to save for vacation. I think I'm gonna do the exercise fund to keep me motivated.
    I have several videos at home, but since I moved, I don't have the room to use them. :( I have a few yoga and pilates ones, Slim in Six, and a Biggest Loser one. I have a resistance band too. I'd like to get a ball and some dumbbells. Usually I go to the gym. Yesterday I did my Couch to 5K in the snow! (I'm in NC. I know what you mean about shutting down. lol) Sometimes I'll just do crunches and leg lift kinda things at home. Just depends on what I'm in the mood for and how much time/energy I have.

    I just found your blog a few days ago and I'm glad you asked questions so I had the opportunity to comment. Very nice to meet you! =)


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