Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weigh to Go Wednesday

Power of One Challenge

Yesterday, I posted my weigh in results for my Biggest Loser competition.  At school, with my clothes on, after a cup of coffee and a breakfast bar, I weighed in at 221lbs.

Last week, I said that I'd probably use that number for both Biggest Loser and the Power of One Challenge... but after seeing the result on MY scale this morning....urm, no...not gonna happen.

Yes, it will be a pain in the you know where to keep track of two weigh-ins each week... not really, but you know...but I started out using my scale for this challenge, so I'm going to continue.  You'll see why in a second.

Aunt Flo is in town this week.  My track record has always been to have a 2lb gain when she's here.  I've seen that same gain each and every month since January of last year...even when I was on my "break".  I've learned to accept it, not freak out about it, and know that it will be gone next week.  That is, as long as I don't give in to any temptation of salty stuff - which seems to be my craving of choice when she's here - and continue with my running - despite feeling bloated and yucky.

So, want to see the results?? DO YA??  Okie dokie then...

Starting weight:  227lbs
Weight last week:  221.4lbs
Weight this week:  219.8lbs

That's a loss of 1.6lbs!!
My total weight loss so far is 7.2lbs in 3 weeks.
A total percentage of weight loss of 3.17%

I'm stoked...over the moon...ecstatic.

That's a slow and steady loss...not even considering my Aunt Flo weight that could be altering the number.  PLUS it means I'm beating my 2lb a week weight loss goal!!!

It doesn't matter to me AT ALL that I'm not in the leader board for the challenge...because I'm accomplishing my goals.  As long as I'm seeing the slightest of loss each week - I'm a happy camper.

I feel really good about what I've been up to since last Wednesday.  I altered my running plan on Monday, and decided that I would shoot for 3 miles for each of my runs this week.  On Monday, I did 3.1 miles in a little over 50 minutes. 

I'm not concerned about pace at all right now.  I'm doing a jog/ walk mix, so I can't expect to be seeing fast times...but I'm going the distance.  After the session, I felt like I really pushed myself, got in a great work-out, and that's what really matters.  I also felt that shooting for 3 miles isn't over-doing it.  I didn't feel horribly sore I'm ready to tackle that distance again today.

I got my hands on the Zumba game for PS3 - and I plan to start that tomorrow.  I will do that on Thursdays and, technically, Tuesdays will be my only "rest day".  A lot of people will probably tell me that one day a week isn't enough rest....well, I figure it doesn't hurt anything to get some movement in almost every day.  I guess I will just have to see how I do.

I'm drinking plenty of water, I'm eating right....I'm finally finding my groove.

Can you tell a difference in my attitude?  It really occurred to me last night, while reading back over some blog posts from my "break" that I did a lot of whining and complaining and moaning and groaning.  I started the year out like that too - when I wasn't yet motivated, or I was having difficulty getting started.

I feel totally different now.  I'm happy.  I'm proud of myself.  I feel motivated.  I LOVE seeing my hard work pay off.  I'm back to filling my posts each day with my accomplishments, my weight loss/ healthy lifestyle journey.

As much as I hated back tracking after taking some time off - I still feel like it was the best thing I could have done.  It taught me a valuable lesson - and now I have the words to prove it.  Not only do I see a physical difference when I'm working towards my weight loss goals... I feel it.  I'm happier, less stressed, more energetic.  I really feel like I need to thank the folks at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans.  Their challenge really got me focused on something - not just competing in a weight loss competition... but finding the moral to the challenge...the POWER of ME!

So, I ask you today...

Do you notice an attitude difference when you're succeeding in your goals?
Do you feel like focusing on your health and weight loss has improved your mentality and stress levels?

Till next time.  ;)


  1. Okay, so I must say I'm so happy for you! You have found your groove, and you are running with it (pun TOTALLY intended.. lol).. I say screw the people who tell you to take more than a day of rest.. Zumba on the Wii (or PS#), while a total workout, is more like playing a dance game anyways.. It just happens to make you burn calories. :)

    And of course, CONGRATS on the loss! You are doing awesome!

  2. HI! I followed you over from the Power of 1! Congrats on your loss!!WAY TO GO!!!
    I do feel an attitude difference when I am 'winning my battle' but this last week was waaaaay different. (if you want to read about it-- it was my posting this week) Some days when I am focused on my weight it is more of a stress inducer for me so I have now decided to try to stay motivated MORE on my health and less on the scales. I have such body issues that it is a struggle to do even that some days! But I continue! I look forward to reading more about you!

  3. Way to go, Joanna! Fantastic results!

    I *DO* notice a difference in motivation when I'm succeeding. It's my best motivator. When I have a gain, I tend to want to binge and do all the unhealthy things I've made myself famous for. But I'm slowly chipping away at that.

    Goodbye, Fat Girl!

  4. Way to go! Great attitutde. And yes I totally see a difference when I'm succeeding.

  5. You are doing so well!! They have Zumba for the PS3??? WOOHOO!! I am SO jumping on that band wagon!

  6. ooohoooo Great job!!!
    1.6 must be lucky this week cuz thats what I am down too hehe!

    Keep rocking this challenge you are doing great!

  7. poop. the post monster ate my post.

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! the attitude. and a big ^5 to you for all your hard work.

  8. I agree! I think one day a week off is just fine. There a lots of people who run EVERY day with no ill effects, because they just do some easier runs once or twice a week.

    I always feel a surge of motivation when I see the scale go down. Unfortunately, I feel the opposite of that when I see the scale go up. And that annoys me (at myself)!

  9. Wow! Great job! Isn't it amazing how your hard work can really pay off... and then how fabulous it makes you feel! Great job on running!

  10. OHMIGOD HOORAY!!! A NEW DECADE, THAT'S HUGE!!!! And not far from the next one, you're doing AWESOME!! You really do look like you're hitting your stride! And as far as the speed, keep on doing the distance, it don't matter how you get there or how fast, that's one thing I learned along the way. Just go and keep going till you're done! GREAT JOB THIS WEEK, YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  11. Thanks everyone!! I think I hit a comment record for today. LOL

    You have no idea how much your kind words really help to motivate me...thank you!!

  12. Congratulations Joanna! I don't see a mad, fat woman anywhere in sight over here :) You're doing an amazing job, and all of your hard work is paying off!

    On the rest day, I'd say if you were only running, then YES you would need more than one rest day, but since you're mixing it up, I think your plan is fine. You should consider throwing in some strength training, even if it's just pushups, squats, lunges, etc. It will help you so much in the long run (no pun intended!).

    Keep up the good work, and keep pushing yourself!

  13. GREAT job this week! Don't you hate the effect of aunt flo... So glad you kicked her to the curb this week. I love that you are keeping up with your running even though it is a walk/jog combo - You are so right that it is about completing it, not about your time.

    I agree with Chrisy - make sure to get your strength training in. I am currently paying the price for not doing it while training for my first half. I started training at close you your weight and dropped 20 pounds while training, but nursed injuries through that and my second race due to to lack of strength in my core, hips, thighs and glutes.

    You are doing so great! Keep up that amazing attitude!


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