Monday, January 24, 2011

Mini Goal Monday

It's Monday.  Thanks to a snow storm, I was given a refreshing four day weekend...but I may have relaxed a little too much.

I am able to check off two and a half of the five things off of last week's mini goal list.  I planned my meals, I ate three times a day with a snack, and I ran two of the four scheduled runs.  I didn't drink as much water as I should have, nor did I do my Yoga - AT ALL...ugh!

It would be easy for me to just say my famous "I'll try better this week" but I'm tired of repeating that.  I mean, I AM going to do better this week.  I just have to start getting rid of the whole "try my best" attitude.  Am I really trying as hard as I can if the goals I don't get to check off are drinking more water or getting my Yoga in?  Those aren't exactly hard things to conquer.

The battle I faced with myself yesterday did have some positive after effects.  After writing my second post, yesterday, I felt better.  Not only did I feel better, but after the comments that were left, I started to really think about how I felt and what I planned on doing to change things.  Yes, I struggle with control issues - but I think I'm also struggling with having control of the things that are important.  If I focused the effort I spend worrying about things I have no control over, and put it towards the things I do....exercising, drinking more water, doing the things I say I'm going to do...then I might find I'm able to check off each and every goal each week.

So, after my reflection time yesterday, I had the urge to work-out.  I decided, finally, that it was time to break out the Zumba and give it a try.  I was so glad I did last night - not so much this morning. 

Holy crap balls that workout was hard!  I did the 20 minute beginner routine, and by the time it was over I was sweating more than I do when I go for my 3 mile runs!!  My body moved in ways that I just don't think it should.  I am just thankful I decided to do it in the comfort of my home - instead of in a packed gym!

This morning, my back is KILLING me!!  I don't think it's in a bad way.  I just moved my hips and back a lot more than they're used to.  I also know that my "form" probably wasn't what it should be.  I just tried my best to stay with the woman on my screen - and gave no time to making sure my body was aligned and straight.

It was hard.  I was exhausted.  BUT it was so much fun.  Peanut and I both did our best...and we both laughed our butts off.  We were obvious beginners...but I think with a little practice, we'll be pulling off some killer dance moves in no time.  I set up my work-out routine after I was finished with my first session - and I LOVE the fact that I can customize it to my liking.

Doing a Yoga session this morning would have probably helped with my now stiff back, but stupid me forgot to fix my alarm clock before going to bed last I didn't wake up until 5am.  Maybe the pain I endure today will be a nice reminder that I better get my butt up tomorrow!  For all actions there are consequences.. I'm learning that the hard way.

OK, so now it's time to share this week's goals.  Again, I'm staying pretty routine - and making sure that they are all "do-able".  Here goes:
  • Do 3 mile C25K training Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Do Yoga at least 4 times
  • Do 20 minute Zumba workout Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Plan my meals (already done!)
  • Take my lunch to work EVERY day
  • Drink 60ozs of water each day
 Yes, I know, I've really packed in the work-outs.  I'm not going to go too hard on myself next week if I miss a work-out this week...but I really believe that it's all doable.  I mean, the 20 minutes of Zumba on the nights that I'm not running shouldn't be too bad...but if I really get too sore, then I'll cut that back a bit.  This week, if I make myself get up to do my Yoga, it should help with the stiffness and soreness.  If I feel like I'm in pain Wednesday - after a night of running and a follow up with Zumba the next night - then I will take the night off on Thursday.

OK - that's it for this week's mini goals.  I'm excited to see what my weekly project is for The Power of One Challenge.  I didn't have one last week, because they offered everyone another week to work on goals.  I guess I needed the extra week, to really put all of my goals in to perspective.  This is going to be a strong week for me...I can already feel it!!

What are some of your mini-goals this week?
For any Yogis - do you find that Yoga helps with mending soreness?

Till next time.  ;)

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