Thursday, January 06, 2011

Something Weird Is Going On

Today I am feeling so much better and ready to get this year started - finally.  Yeah, it's been a rough week but it's no reason to pout or feel sorry for myself.  As "future self" told me yesterday, it was just the beginning of a great I'm going to take those words very seriously.

If you read my blog yesterday, before I mentioned the new page I created, then: I created a new page for the blog.  It's called Challenges & Progress.  It's where I will post all of the information about the different challenges I will be competing in, races when they come about, weigh-ins, training, etc.  If you check it out today, you will see that there are already three challenges in there. 

Yesterday, was the weigh-in for the Power of One Challenge.  Now, the challenge started sometime last week (I believe) but I didn't sign up for the challenge until this past Sunday.  When I signed up, I had to give my starting weight - which was 227lbs.  That's how much I weighed Sunday morning.  Now, I've been sick for a week - I know that - but not the kind of sick that causes me to uncontrollable release body fluid.  It was the sick that made me feel yucky, had me laying on the couch for two days doing absolutely NO activity whatsoever.  Why am I explaining all of this?  Well, because yesterday morning, when I stood on the scale to do the weekly weigh-in for the challenge it said:  222lbs!!

How the heck I managed to lose 5lbs in 3 days is beyond me.  I was eating while I was sick.  I was drinking lots of fluid.  I wasn't wearing 5lbs of clothing when I weighed on Sunday - in fact I was wearing similar clothes when I weighed yesterday.  Now, granted, I have been eating better - but geez Louise, there's nothing I've eaten that would of caused a weight loss like that.  I had to get on and off the scale yesterday just to make sure I wasn't imagining things.  I even weighed in throughout the day, just to see if maybe it was just a fluke.  Nope, all day, my weight only fluctuated by a pound or so.  Another explanation would be that on Sunday I was holding a lot of water weight.  Well, Aunt Flo wasn't visiting and I weighed myself on New Year's Eve and it said 226lbs - so I know that isn't a valid explanation, either.  I am just completely at a loss for how this could happen.

Of course, I'm not going to complain about it - although I can't help but feel a little nervous.  A 5lb weight loss in 3 days should raise a little alert.  I, like the many people who are also trying to lose weight, know that in order to lose you have to burn the calories you consume PLUS more to lose.  To lose a pound, I would need to burn 3500 calories plus whatever I ate.  Well, I haven't been counting my calories exactly - but I know I've been consuming about 1000 calories a day (didn't eat as much as I usually do).  That would mean that I had to have burned off about 20,000 calories in the past 3 days.  Now, unless breaking a fever is what does that - then something weird is going on.

Just to be on the safe side, I'm going to have a little chat with the school nurse today.  Want to make sure that something more serious isn't a possibility - and that my body is just giving me a good head start for all the crap it's put me through the past week.

Speaking of the school nurse, if you check out the Challenges page you'll notice that another round of the Biggest Loser competition is starting up next week at my school.  The school nurse is the person that runs the whole thing.  Even though I've been out sick, she emailed me to let me know - and of course, I was IN!!  I did so badly in the last competition that I really want this one to kick @ss.  It's going to run for 9 weeks and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss will win the prize: $10 times however many people sign up.  Weigh-ins will be on Tuesday, so I will be weighing in on Tuesday and Wednesday for the two different challenges. 

With those two weekly weigh-ins, I won't be doing a weigh-in on Sunday - like I had originally planned.  That's too many numbers to try and keep up with - and I don't want to try and keep up with all the fluctuations.  It's a possibility that I might just use the Tuesday weigh-in for the Wednesday weigh-in...I haven't decided yet. 

Well, time for me to get ready for work.  I'm actually happy I'm going - it means life is getting back to normal.  I'm taking my running stuff - even though I've put off starting the C25K training until next Monday.  Nothing wrong with doing some running - just to prepare myself, right?  Also, I couldn't get the stupid DVD player to work this morning for my yoga - so I did some crunches and stretches, instead... GO ME!!

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday!!

Till next time.  ;)

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