Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weigh to Go Wednesday

Power of One Challenge

It's that time of week again.  The time I jump on the scale and look at my progress for the week - in numbers.  Not to ruin the suspense, but I knew I wasn't going to have a great week this week.  It was one of the reasons I didn't weigh-in for my Biggest Loser competition - that and the fact that yesterday morning I ate breakfast and drank some coffee before going to work.  It's not mandatory for me to weigh-in each week for that challenge...but it is for the Power of One Challenge...despite knowing I'm not going to see a great number.

So, without further's the results for this week:

Starting weight:      227lbs
Weight last week:  219.8lbs
Current weight:      220.2lbs (+0.4)
Percentage of total weight loss:  3%

Yep, I gained.  I had a horrible feeling I would.  After being stuck in the house for four days because of snow - and not doing anything but some cleaning - I just knew that I would regret it when I stepped on the scale this week.

This is my first gain since the challenge started.  My first, and hopefully the last.  I never like seeing a gain on the scale - and when I do, it really makes me look at where I went wrong and figure out ways to fix it so it won't happen again.

I shouldn't really feel too bad - because when I stepped on the scale Sunday morning, I saw 222lbs!!  That scared the heck out of me.  It looks as though my Zumba, running, and Yoga pulled through in time for me to drop 2lbs since Sunday.  It was a clear cut sign at what can happen when I don't work out, and what happens when I do.

Another plus I take from this:  my honesty.  This time last year, as horrible as it is for me to admit it, I would not have indulged my gain.  Instead, I would have just recorded the same weight from last week...just because I wouldn't or couldn't handle being honest with myself.  I wasn't involved with a challenge, then, would have gained nothing from lying....yet, that early in my journey....I just couldn't bring myself to admit a gain.

I am not proud of the woman that started this journey a year ago.  I know she was dedicated and motivated - but also a little delusional.  In her mind, fudging the numbers each week gave her power, maybe gave her something to hope for.  Maybe she thought by adding a pound or two or five to the actual amount she lost each week gave her a positive outlook on her weight loss efforts.  What ever the reason - she's gone now, has been for a long time... and I feel so much better for it.

One thing I've gained since going through the ups and downs of the scale is that the scale is just a number.  Just yesterday, I commented on a blog about the power the scale can have - if it's given it.  I used to rely every ounce (no pun intended) of my progress on what that scale told me each week.  If I lost, it's because I worked hard.  If I gained it was because I didn't.  Then I would work harder, and still see little to no real progress...and then I would get frustrated and try even harder and see no real I would give in for a while and then see a DROP....Lordy, that can really set me in to crazy mode.

So after that rollercoaster of emotions, I learned a valuable lesson.  The scale is a great guide to monitor progress - but it's not the only way.  If my clothes are fitting a little looser, if I'm able to run a little further, if I'm able to do one more push-up....then I've made progress.  If I can walk in to a restaurant and order a healthy option, if I check the back of a snack cake and throw it down in disgust over the amount of calories a small sweet holds....then I've made progress.  Did you know that there's 480 calories in a Honey Bun?? That's ridiculous!!

The point in all of this is to not discount the fact that I gained a little this week.  It's how I process the news.  No, I don't like a gain - but I know why I got it.  I know why, which means only I can make sure that I don't make the same mistakes again.  I also know that I'm progressing in other areas.... I can now run for 3 minutes straight at more than just a bounce, I can do all of the Sun Salutations with full Chatarunga ( a real push up), I can turn away from sweet temptations - and not only turn away, but feel disgusted that I would even put them into my body such a short time ago.  I am making progress!!

So, my friends:

How much weight (pun intended) does the scale have on your feelings of success?
What are other ways that you monitor success?
Share with me something you couldn't do when you first started your journey - but can now do now, or do better?

Till next time.  ;)


  1. This is a very true post! I feel like for the past 6 months I've been lying to myself. I wasn't really trying to lose... I thought that a donut here and there wouldn't make THAT much of a difference. When you are losing it DOES! I have been working out VERY hard and I like to monitor my strength as well. Planks are SO MUCH easier now than they were 3 months ago, but I've been working out. But I only GAINED and GAINED and FINALLY I'm attacking my problem with NOT saying no to food. Ep, you have to be honest with yourself. -L.

  2. I WISH the number on the scale didn't dictate how successful I feel or don't feel regarding my weight. But it does.

    I'm at least a little LESS obsessive about it than I used to be.

    What can I do better now? Tie my shoes and shave my legs. :)

  3. Love the honesty here!! If you can't be honest with yourself on the blog then who can you be honest with, right??! Keep doing what you are doing and the numbers will keep going in the downward direction! You are progressing and that is the most important thing!

  4. It's great that you're being so honest and acknowledging a lot of growth. I also rely way too much on scale numbers to decide how I feel about myself - something I'm working on. How awesome for you to see all that other progress.


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