Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catch Up Post - Weighing In and Working Out

I have to play catch-up today, because I didn't get my post up yesterday.  I slept in late yesterday morning and had to rush around to leave for work - and then I got home really late last, no blog post.  I just figure I'll mish-mash two days in to one.

I will start out with my weigh-in.  Not real happy this week.  I mean, I know I didn't work out - at all - but I didn't over do it at any point with my eating.  I really did not expect to see a gain or a loss, I figured I'd just be sitting at about the same.  Nope, not the same, a gain...and not a little gain either!!

Last week I weighed in at 203lbs.  This week I weigh in at 205lbs.  I've gained 2lbs.  Of course, I'm not happy - but I really only have myself to blame because I didn't work out a single time this past week.  Oh well, no time to dwell on it now.  The nurse told me Tuesday morning that if I didn't feel like weighing in each week, I didn't have to.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I kind of like knowing how much I weigh each week - to keep track of how I'm doing.  On the other hand, I could keep track at home, work really hard, and knock the socks off everyone when I weigh in on the last day.  What would you guys do?

OK, enough about that.  Time for some working out - not literally...right now anyways.  This past week I have not worked out once.  Now, that doesn't mean I haven't 'moved'.  Saturday and Sunday I did a lot of lifting, walking, and playing the Move.  Monday I did a lot of bending and lifting.  I have been on my feet for about 10 hours every day this week.  It's been a long week.

When you're at work all day, it's sometimes really hard to find ways to get some exercise in.  That's especially the case if you work at a desk all day.  Luckily, I no longer do.  I don't think people realize how much teachers "work-out" each day. It's not strenuous, but you'd be amazed how much my legs and feet hurt the first couple of weeks.  I've figured out a few ways to help increase the opportunity for getting a little exercise in at work - not necessarily high cardio, but it's something.

If you work in a job that has you at a desk all day - then movement is especially important for you.  Try spending about 10 minutes every hour without your chair.  Instead of sitting at your desk, try squatting down at the knees.  Make sure to keep your back straight - or you'll definitely regret it.  All day I'm squatting down to be at my student's eye level as they sit at their desks.  I squat down, I stand up, I squat down, I stand up...often for 30 minutes at a time with only a 15 minute break in between.  You can do the same at your desk.  Squat down for a few minutes, stand up.  Squat down, stand up.  You don't have to do it all day - but trying to do it several times throughout the day.  I'm not expecting you to build up a good sweat, but I really notice a difference in leg strength because of how much I squat and stand. 

I've said this tidbit of information several times before, but I'll say it again.  If you work in an office all day, try parking as far away as you can each morning so you at least get the walk in to work and the walk back to your car in each day.  If you're not 15 stories up, try taking the stairs.  If you are up 15 stories, walk up the first two flights and then catch the elevator.  Look for those golden opportunities to do what you can.  I realized the other day that I took the "short cut" through the office anytime I needed to get to the other side of the school building.  I was missing out on a great opportunity to get a little extra walking in.  It was only an extra minute on my time, but every second counts - right?  Wrong!  If you're not in a hurry - take the extra minute to walk.

I know I've thought to myself "is it really going to make that much difference if I do that little bit extra each day?"  You may be thinking the same.  Seeing my weight constantly flutter up and down like a yo-you has me wondering that A LOT.  What I have to remember, though, is that just by it's self - that little bit extra isn't going to make a huge difference.  What I try to think about, though, is if I'm not "working out" then every little bit is better than nothing.  I wonder what the scale would say if I didn't find my little extra opportunities - would I gain even more weight?  I don't know - but I really don't want to find out.  I'm just going to keep doing that little bit extra whenever I can.  Look at my results from last week.  I lost 4lbs in a week.  Grouping the extras with some working out paid off. 

So, there's my words of wisdom for this week in regards to exercise.  If you have a great idea of how to get a little exercise in at work - please share it in a comment.  I'm always looking for advice - and others are, too.

"It's easy for me to make excuses as to why I didn't do what I planned to do.  Thinking of ways to get around those excuses, even if they outcome isn't as great is always better than nothing."
Till next time.  ;)

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