Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Come, Sweet Cold Weather!

I'm driving to work yesterday morning, listening to the radio like I always do, and on comes the weather forecast.  "Chances of rain... [blah, blah, blah], partly sunny... [yady, yady, yada], highs in the upper 60's...Friday morning, NW Arkansas will have it's first freeze"  Now, that got my attention!! 

We've had a little Fall this year.  It's been mild - 60's, 70's...but you have no idea how excited I became to hear the words "our first freeze".  I know, I'm crazy.  Unlike the other couple of million people I share the state of Arkansas with, I LOVE cold weather!!  In my personal opinion - and you know that my opinion is important - there's nothing better than cold weather.  Not being out in it - that's not fun - but being curled up on the couch with a warm blanket, cup of hot chocolate, watching TV or reading a good book.  Unfortunately, living in Arkansas means we might get our first freeze on Friday morning, but no doubt the weather will be back in the 70's during the weekend.  That I am hoping for, because I'm going to a wedding on Saturday - and it's an outdoor wedding.  The bride-to-be deserves nice weather for her wedding.  Sunday can be cold, though, and once again - the weather in Arkansas can quite easily grant my request. 

Cold weather sets off a spark in me that I can't explain.  I get excited about everything.  Maybe it's because I know that Thanksgiving and Christmas are now only weeks away.  My Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving and lasts until the day after New Year's - although I start my celebration on Thanksgiving day.  Christmas "season", as I've termed it, means time with my family, snuggling up with a fire in the fireplace, the blinking of Christmas lights....ahhh, my mind is relaxing as I type!!

Cold weather also gets me excited about working out.  Yep - I said it - excited about working out.  I don't like to run when it's hot outside.  I want to work up a sweat when I'm cold - it means I have to work harder to heat my body, and I'm not wanting to rip my clothes off 3 minutes in.  Being that I run in the afternoons, it's really hard to find the motivation to run when I'm sweating by the time I get to my car - just to go to the track.  The heat makes me tired, uncomfortable, sticky - just doesn't feel great.  When it's cold, the air is crisp, I can fill my lungs with it - and not gag.  I want to keep moving, because I know that if I stop - I'm going to get, well, cold. 

Of course, cold weather also has it's pitfalls.  That would be comfort food.  Big pots of chili, stew, and pot roasts.  Cups of thick, creamy, hot chocolate.  Mmmm, so good - but so bad! I will admit, I am very nervous about my eating once the cold weather moves in.  In my family, we have one custom during the holidays: eat.  I'm hoping that because we started using our slow cooker as a staple, lately, that healthy meals will continue.  Hubby has been great at trying out new recipes that will satisfy my craving for cold-weather food, but won't pack on the insulation.  I did have a moment of weakness while grocery shopping on Sunday, and bought a tub of Mint Chocolate Cocoa.  There's 140 calories in a cup - ouch - but I figure if I have one cup in the evening, it won't be the end of the world.  I also saw a good idea on another weight-loss blog, and she uses half of the "good stuff" and half sugar-free it cuts the calories down quite a bit. 

OK, so I think I just wrote my first blog post about the weather.  Wow.  It goes to show that I really write about what I'm feeling and thinking.  I guess if means if I chose to write about the weather - all is good in my life right now.  That's true.  Things are good.  I am happy.  Still nervous about the BL competition - but I'm hoping that Jack Frost is going to give me the kick in the caboose that I really need.  On a side note, I put on a pair of my pants this morning - size 16 - and they are a little loose.  Looser would be a better word - still fit well, but I feel a little more "give" in them.  Let's hope that's a good sign.

"Enjoy the simple pleasures in life - it declogs the brain of stress and drama"

Till next time.  ;)

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