Monday, October 11, 2010

Motivational Monday - Relighting the Fire

Welcome to the first day of my new and hopefully improved blog topic trains!!  Today is Motivational Monday - my favorite topic.  I think everyone should start the week off on a positive note, and that's why I chose this topic for Mondays.

Last week, I shared how difficult a time I've been having lately with finding motivation.  My solution was to just start over - go back to the basics -and see where it takes me.  Well, revamping my blog was one of those steps to relighting my fire.  A few months ago, this blog was a hub of motivation.  I shared my successes, how I was achieving them, and motivating others to do the same.  Then something happened, not sure what, and things slowly started declining in regards to the amount of motivation that was seeping out through my posts.  Hopefully, now, I can start over.

It's often very hard for someone to start over, especially when you've got so far.  Very rarely would an architect tear down a building and start over if something goes wrong in the plans.  I'm pretty sure a doctor performing surgery wouldn't decide half way through that something is not right and start the whole procedure over again.  Well, starting back at the beginning for someone that's lost 55lbs - or around that - feels the same way.  There's a big difference here, though, that I have to keep in mind - I'm not completely starting over...the 55lbs are still gone.

When a couple has been married for seven years, there's often talk of the "seven year itch".  I'm stating to think that there's a seven month itch in terms of losing weight.  Never, in my whole life, have I ever lasted seven months at trying to lose weight.  Seven months is like seven years to me.  I've lost more weight, gained more strength, and able to do things I haven't been able to do in a VERY long time.   Then, all of my success, passion, and motivation just stopped.  For seven months I busted my butt to get where I was - and then all of my progress just halted.

Two months have past since I reached my seven month mark.  For those two months I've bounced up and down the scale, but haven't really made any progress since that point.  For two months I've been less than 10lbs away from being under 200lbs.  For two months I've made bad food choices and skipped more work-outs than I care to place a number on.  I've tried to find the spark, the "umph" if you will - and it's gotten me nowhere.  Then, last week, I realized my life has gone so off course from what it was like when I was achieving so much.  I've started a job that has me working long hours, fills up my time at home, has me working on the weekends - not used to that.  In the month leading up to starting my internship I preached how I wouldn't let my busy schedule get in the way of my healthy lifestyle.  I under-estimated how tough it would really be. 

OK, enough whining already - you've heard all of this before.  So, relighting my fire, getting back to the basics - is it worth it?  Will I accomplish anything from starting over?  Well, I can answer the first question - of course it's worth it!  The answer to the second question will come with time.

Again, one thing I have to remember and keep in mind - the 55lbs are still gone.  I didn't gain them back, I didn't fail - this isn't another 'attempt' at trying to lose weight.  This is the same journey - I just got to a plateau, a road-block, and need to figure a way to get over it.  Plateaus are very common in weight loss - it doesn't mean I lose credit for everything I've achieved up to this point.

So - the nitty gritty - how does someone that has been doing this whole weight-loss thing for nine months (if counting the past two bad months) start over?

Last week, I introduced Code Name: MOVE.  My challenge for the month of October.  When I started my journey nine months ago, I started slow - by working out 30 minutes a day.  To go back to basics, I have to do the same thing - and that's what Code Name: MOVE is all about.  I pledge to do 30 minutes of exercise every day.  Can I do more?  Well, of course.  My hope is that after a week or two - 30 minutes won't be enough and I will want to do more - just like I was doing a few months ago.  I haven't been posting my progress each day, but don't worry - I'm doing what I said I would do.

Second, I revamped the blog.  Well, I didn't exactly revamp it - I took it back to it's roots.  I've created daily blog themes that will force me to write about weight loss related stuff.  No more whining about how hard my job is.  No more complaining about the woes of my personal life.  It's back to writing about eating, exercise, and motivation - the three key ingredients in a recipe for weight-loss success!

Third, it's back to shopping from a list, menu plans, and a gallon of water a day.  This is something that should never of stopped - but it did.  My menu plans kept me in check with the foods that I would eat.  My shopping list restricted my binge shopping.  My gallon of water a day - well, that's just common sense to anyone trying to lose weight. 

Lastly, the most difficult one to achieve, getting back my support system.  I realized something the other day, something that sent a shock-wave through my system.  When I look back at the months I was achieving the greatest success - I had the greatest support system.  I was a frequent flier on my Twitter account.  I was constantly chatting with other people in my situation - fighting the good fight to lose weight.  I had people that were frequent visitors and commenters on my blog.  Slowly, things have dwindled.  I still receive a nice comment here and there...and I appreciate any comments...but things just aren't the same.  I thrive on hearing how others are doing.  How something I've said has touched someone.  How my success is what motivates others to continue in their own journey.  I can only hope that by starting over, those things will come back over time.

The other day, I read a blog post that really motivated me.  It was from a Twitter friend - a friend that I've missed talking to.  Maggie from I'm Losing It posted a blog post about her "mini goal".  Click on the link to read the post - it's so inspiring.  Her mini goal is to be able to do a cartwheel.  To some, this may seem kind of weird - but I knew exactly where she was coming from.  Her weight has been a barrier for her to do something like that - and so she has made that into one of her goals once she loses more weight.  What a FANTABULOUS idea - and so I think I should do the same. 

My mini goal - it's not as extravagant as doing a cartwheel - but I want to be in a size 14 by Christmas.  That's a little over two months to drop a dress size.  It's doable - and what a great feeling it will be to travel to my mom's for the holiday, see family I haven't seen since I was in a size 22, and walk in a size 14.  That is what I want - and that is what I shall have.  I would love to hear about a mini goal you'd like to set for yourself - please post a comment and share it.

OK, my loves - time to get to work.

"Trying new things can be scary.  Change can be uncomfortable.  Starting over can be harder - and that's what I must do.  I am amazing, I can do this!"
Till next time.  ;)

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  1. My mini goal is to finally break out of the 320's! Last week I was right at 320 and after having a crazy birthday week, which consisted of eating out every single day I gained 6lbs. My mini goal is to get down to 315 by Thanksgiving.

    Good luck on yours!


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