Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Weigh In Wednesday - Release the Positive...Dispell the Negativity

Happy Hump Day, everyone!!  Wednesday is here - which means it's time for another weight-in result post.  Like usual, I'm going to complain about how unproductive I was this week - before I get to revealing how much my week affected my weigh-in result.

It was a bad week.  I had my pizza meltdown on Sunday.  That wasn't good.  I just knew that after scarfing down as much pizza as I did - there were going to be consequences.  I didn't get to do Cardio Circuits on Monday, once again, due it being cancelled.  It seems to be coming a trend that I'm only doing one of the work-outs a week - so I really think it's time to find something else to plan for.

OK, negativity out of the way - wow, that was quick.  So, in honesty - there were a few more things that I could complain about, but I'm tired of being such a downer.  There's only so long I can wallow in self-pity without taking some accountability for my actions and freakin' doing something about it!!

On Monday, I officially started Code Name: MOVE.  I've been doing OK.  I've got my 30 minutes of movement in each day since...and yes, I know it's only been two days - but I've kept with it, and that's the important thing.  Last Wednesday, I actually went for a 2 mile walk/run after work. I was really proud of myself for doing it.  The weather couldn't of been more perfect - and the scenery makes it so much more enjoyable.  The park is full of little creeks, and wooden bridges to cross on the track - so it sure does beat the boring circle track I've used in the past.  I'm planning on doing the same thing today - and if I can get out of work a little earlier, I'm going to push for 3 miles.  Last week, I walked more than I want to equal it out a bit more.

For you Biggest Loser fans - what did you think of last night's episode?  I have to say, anytime I watch that show and I see people that want to give up after only being there 2 weeks, I get a little frustrated.  I mean, these people have been given the chance of a lifetime.  I'm sure it's much harder than we all think while watching from the comfort of our couches - but come on!!  I know if I had the opportunity to get my butt kicked by the two best trainers in the country every single day - you can guarantee I'd be making the most of it.  These people know what they're getting themselves in for before getting to the ranch, so why is it always such a shock for them? OK, so there are a lot more twists this season - but they say that every season... you know going in that the game will change.  Despite how ticked off I was at the two people that cried about going home, I still managed to get my weekly dose of motivation.  If it hadn't of been 10 o'clock when I finished watching the show - I would of gone for a long run.  I really need to stop watching the show in the evenings...I should wait until the weekend, and watch it when I have time to really feel the effects of the motivation.

Enough stalling - I want to get to my results.  I knew going in that there was going to be an increase - I expected an increase of about 3lbs.  Aunt Flo is here, and every time she visits I gain 2lbs exactly.  That added into my pizza frenzy helped me prepare for the worst.  The equation is simple: too much food + not enough exercise = a weight gain.  So, I walked into my weigh in room, and prepared myself for the terrible number I was going to see.  Last week, I saw a small loss - this week I knew I'd be getting the weight back again, and then some. 

My previous weight was 205.6lbs.  My weight this week is:  207.2lbs.

I've gained 1.6lbs.  The exact amount that I lost last week.  So I could whine about seeing another gain, blah blah blah - but it's not as bad as I thought.  If I consider Aunt Flo's wrath - then I might of actually lost a little.  Not sure that's possible - but I didn't see the usual 2lb gain that I'm used to seeing each time she arrives.  Maybe, just maybe, if I actually really dedicate myself this week and work as hard as I can to get a little exercise in each day - and stay away from any pizza - then there's a good chance I will see a good loss next week. 

I'm going to be tested this weekend.  It's my beautiful little sister's 16th birthday.  My family will be coming to stay with me this coming weekend.  My sister has not only decided that she wants to eat Chinese food this weekend - but has chosen a Chinese buffet restaurant to partake in this want.  Once again, I'm going to be faced with the temptation of "all you can eat".  Anyone that enjoys Chinese food knows that there's not really anything healthy about it.  The food is delicious, and it's all loaded with veggies - but the grease that drips off of it when you take a bite reminds you that veggies soaked in grease are NOT a healthy option.  Being the wonderful little sister she is, she has agreed to come on a run with me on Saturday AND Sunday.  She's a very athletic little thing - and she always inspires me to work hard.  Maybe I can enjoy a little Chinese food - key word: little - and have her help me get in two good workouts to counteract the effects just a little.  That in conjunction with the whole family dying to try out the PS3 Move should mean an active weekend.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed about that!

OK, so time for me to head out into the world. 

To be successful, I must not dwell on my mistakes but look for ways to learn from them.  Each day is a new challenge - I have to take the challenge head on...I may not win them all, but I should always feel like I tried my best.

Till next time.  ;)


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  2. I gain 2lbs with Aunt Flo too! Isn't it bad enough what we have to go through but we have to gain weight too. Geez!

    You will be fine this weekend. Just remember to put the fork down between bites and eat with your mind engaged! Easier said than done sometimes!

    I took up your MOVE challenge and I've been movin' everyday! One the days that I have done big workout's planned I wiggle, jiggle, dance, walk, and move! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.


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