Saturday, October 09, 2010

Yet Another Change - Clearing Out the Cobwebs

So, after a few weeks of trying this "topic train" of having a selected topic starter for each day - I've decided I don't really like it.  Well, let me change that - I don't like some of the topic starters.  I really like how the week starts out, and then once I get to Thursday - I feel like each day after is more or less the same thing.  So, I've decided to change things - once again.

For three weeks, I've been following my topic train.  As I read back over the posts I've made since then, I've noticed something that upsets me a little - the lack of "weight loss" related posts.  The one thing that I didn't want to happen has happened - this blog has turned into my personal diary. 

Don't get me wrong - I've said it before, and I say it again - I don't mind writing about my personal life...sometimes the events that happen in my life are directly related to the accomplishments or set-backs I receive in my weight loss efforts. I shouldn't, however, read three weeks worth of blog posts on a weight loss blog and see that less than half are actually related to my weight loss efforts.  I've also noticed a serious decline in the amount of readers I'm having each day - and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that people were coming here for motivation, support, or tips and advice related to weight loss, and instead they're getting to hear about the woes of my personal life. 

It's time to get back to business and revamp - once again - and focus myself on what this blog is about.  Maybe my recent set-backs and lack of motivation are directly influenced by the fact that I haven't been writing about my weight loss efforts.  In my mind, I'm not sharing things because there's nothing to share...that's a problem.  I should have plenty to share when it comes to weight loss - look at how much success I had back a few months ago when I was doing topic trains like Smack in the Face Week, Live Like You Were Dying, and The How-To's of Living a Healthy Lifestyle.  People were commenting, enjoying what I had to say, using what I was saying...and sharing successes.  That in it's self fueled my fire to show that what I was saying wasn't nonsense - it really works!

So, now it's time to bring the old blog back - dust off the cobwebs of my personal life that has been clogging up the posts - and get back to being the inspirational, motivating, and dedicated person I want to be.

Starting Monday - here's the NEW line up.  If you missed what I've had to say about losing weight - I'm sorry - I'm back.  Hopefully this time, you won't be disappointed.  I'm keeping a few things, I'm replacing a few things...trying again, and seeing how it turns out:

Motivational Monday - keeping this one.  It's probably been my favorite topics I've done since coming up with the topic train.  I really get my motivational juices flowing - and just have to keep it going.

Back in Time Tuesday - keeping this one, too.  Even though this is a personal life thread - the stories I will be sharing show how I ended up being the person I was before gaining the weight, why I ended up gaining it all - and always failed at losing it.

Work-Out Wednesday - have to keep this one.  Of all the topics I started, this one is the true testament to my successes, and lack of them.  I share my results from the Biggest Loser competition I'm doing - and the reasons why I saw the loss or gain.

Throw It Down Thursday - I'm reverting back to the original name, but the topic is changing.  Throw It Down Thursday will now be dedicated to exercise - the hows and whys, finding alternatives, my exercise routine, things I'm doing different, etc. etc.

Fuel It Up Friday - Thursday is exercise, Friday is food.  To live healthy, you have to eat healthy.  I will share recipes, discuss my eating habits, and help provide tips to change any household into a healthy household.

Share It Saturday - I've never really tried this, but I'm going to see how it goes.  Saturdays will be devoted to sharing my personal reviews on products that I use to help me lose weight.  Maybe it's exercise equipment, maybe it's food products - maybe it's neither, but I use something to help me...I will review it, share it, and discuss it here.

Summarize Sunday - So, I can't go cold turkey on not sharing some of my personal life.  Sunday, I will share what's been happening with me during the week - that's not weight loss related.  I will share updates on my internship, Grover, and everything else that's going on in my life.

Let's see how this goes.  I will be keeping my Positive Note of the Day - I really enjoy coming up with them, so they're staying.

"When I lose track of where I'm going, I've realized it's better to go back to where I took the wrong turn than to try and find an alternate route."
Till next time.  ;)

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