Friday, October 08, 2010

Finally Friday - Time For a Test

Friday is here...and I'm ready for a relaxing weekend.  Yeah, I said it - RELAXING!!  Don't get many of those - so I'm going to take bask in every glorious second of it.  I also have a big test in front of me.

After work today, I'm going to go to cardio circuits.  I need to start the weekend off on a high note, and getting my butt kicked for 30 minutes will do just that.  Then, it's home to *hopefully* enjoy some PS3 Move with Hubby and the kids.  I enjoyed some time playing it last night, and now I have a little 'crick' at the bottom of my left shoulder.  It goes to show how much I have to move to play the thing.  I'm hoping that it will wear it's self out some time today, or the cardio circuits tonight will do the trick.

Tomorrow will be my test day.  The plan is to start the day out with a run/walk.  I will have to get it in early because tomorrow evening, we're going out to celebrate my little sister's birthday - at her favorite Chinese buffet restaurant. After last weekend's fiasco with the pizza buffet, I'm determined to make some good choices when it comes to my food selection tomorrow night.  I have a strategy in mind, and hopefully it pays off.  The plan of action is to eat a good breakfast, a good lunch, my afternoon snack, and drink about a gallon of water before I go.  I'm thinking if I eat well all day, I will be too full to completely gorge myself at dinner.  I've decided I'm going to eat the foods I love - General Tso's Chicken, Lo Mein, and Curried Beef.  They are not the healthiest choices, but it's stupid to think that I will completely avoid anything that's not healthy for me.  I still agree with "moderation" - so as long as I'm smart, and don't over-do it, I might as well enjoy this rare treat.   

The plans of my family coming to spend the weekend have changed.  They won't be coming here after all, so I won't have my sister here to make sure I go out and run on Sunday.  I want to, again, get my run/walk in early - so that I can spend the whole day relaxing.  My idea of relaxing is an hour or two playing the PS3 with Hubby and the kids, some TV time, and definitely some lazing on the couch.  I think if I go out early to run, I will "feel like it".  It's really hard to make myself get up and work-out too much after a day of lazing around the house. 

So, I have to take this opportunity to brag on myself a little, and a new product that I bought for myself.  Last weekend, I bought a new drink cup.  This thing is AMAZING!!  Yeah, I just used that word to describe a cup - can't help it, it's the truth.  I'm not really a product review kind of person - but I have to give a shout-out to this thing.  I bought it because it looks like a to-go cup.  Whenever I get a drink at a convenient store or restaurant in a to-go cup, I can down the thing in about 3 seconds.  When I saw this cup at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I thought "hey, I bet I could drink a lot of water out of that thing".  Well, I was right.  Since Monday, I've been drinking water everyday - lots of it.  Since leaving boot camp, I have really slacked in the water department.  In fact, I pretty much stopped drinking it completely.  I know that not drinking water is not good for someone that's trying to lose weight - so I realized I had to start doing it again.  Now that I have this cup, it takes no time at all to get plenty of water in each day.  The cup holds 24ozs, and I've been drinking between 3-5 cups a day.  That's 72 - 120ozs of water I'm drinking each day. I'm so proud of myself - finally a positive thing I've picked back up!!  The cup and straw are made of dishwasher safe plastic.  The band around the middle absorbs condensation - so no yukky water circle where ever the cup is placed.  It cost me $7.99 - which isn't really that much more expensive than a fitness water bottle - but I love it so much more than any of the half a dozen water bottles I've bought in the past 8 months.  If you're anything like me - and struggle with drinking your recommended 8 glasses of water a day - I highly recommend investing in one of these things.

That's it for today - everyone have a Happy Friday.  Don't forget to get up and move for at least 30 minutes today - and every day this weekend!! I've been doing it for a week now, and I'm starting to feel that spark I felt when I first started my journey.  It's amazing how just a little exercise each day is fueling me to do more.

Small accomplishments are what lead to achieving big goals.  If I take one day at a time, one small accomplishment at a time, I WILL see big results and reach my goals.

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. When I go to a Chinese buffet (which my husband loves), I fill my first plate up with vegetables and fruit. Then I go back for the more "sinful" foods, like the ones you mentioned. I avoid rice altogether, but I do like the noodles, so I get a bit of that, too. Works for me!!!


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