Friday, October 01, 2010

Finally Friday...Same Ol', Same Ol'

It's Friday.  The day of the week when people cheer, say things like "TGIF!" and look forward to spending two days relaxing. I, however, am not one of those people - this weekend, anyways.

Don't get me wrong, I love weekends.  I love getting to sleep in a little, love getting to be home with the family - it's just here lately, my weekends are consumed with getting work caught up, started, or finished.  This weekend is no exception.  Being that Monday marks the beginning of my teaching solo for three days, I have A LOT of work to get done this weekend.  I have to get all of the lesson plans for all of the subjects for all three days put into their nice "professional" format.  That alone, will take up the majority of my weekend.  I've got an outline for everything that I'm going to teach next week - but I've been so busy getting papers written for school and other homework finished, I haven't been able to get near as much planning finished as I hoped.  Once again, I will be scrambling through to the very last minute making sure everything is completed. 

I'm guilty for being a procrastinator - but for the past few weeks, I've really been trying to stay caught up, working ahead a little, and trying to ease some of the pressure such luck yet, but it's a work in progress. 

Tonight, I am taking the night off.  I'm going out to see a friend who is moving to Arizona.  I haven't seen her in a few months, and that makes me sad.  She's invited me out a few times, but because I've been so busy - I passed up the opportunities to spend some time with her before she leaves.  I'm bummed that tonight is probably going to be the last time I see her, but glad that I at least get this chance. 

Tomorrow, I will be spending the day in my office - for the most part.  My goal is to work my butt off all day, then go out for a run tomorrow night.  I think I will need some fresh air after pounding at the keyboard all day.  Maybe, just maybe, I can get all of my lesson plans typed up tomorrow - and that will give me Sunday to have somewhat of a relaxing day.  Of course, I have to get laundry done, clean the house, and go grocery shopping...not sure if there will be much time for relaxing.  I also want to try and get out for a run Sunday evening, too.  I'm trying my hardest to stick with my challenge - so I have to get as much exercise in as possible this weekend.

I'm not going to be able to go to cardio circuits again tonight - and that really ticks me off.  I have to go and get some paperwork filled out after work, and that will mean having to rush off because everyone leaves work early on Friday, and I can't take the chance that the person I need to see won't be there. I really wanted this week to be the first week where I do BOTH cardio circuit work-outs...once again, it won't be this week..UGH!!

Wow, after reading what I've written already, I feel like such a Negative Nelly.  I guess I'm entitled to one downer post a week - this one must be it.  Let's see if I can brighten things up before I go...

Regardless of how much work I have to get done this weekend, I am determined to have a little "down time".  My dear Grover has worked so hard this week - he deserves a little fun this weekend.  Last night, he got to play the PS3 Move for the first time.  He brought home another EXCELLENT report for the day, so we all had a game of Frisbee Golf.  It was so nice playing a game with Hubby, Prarie Dawn AND Grover.  That hasn't happened in way too long - and for the first time, in a long time, we were a family doing a family activity together.  More of that MUST be included in my schedule.  That time I spent playing the game could of been spent working on my lesson plans - but it was one of those times I had to weigh my obligations.  The responsible thing would of been to work last night - but the responsibility to my children always out-weighs my responsibilities anywhere else.  Playing a game last night, with my family, was a great opportunity for me to show them that I'm not always too busy for them.  Having to explain that to my mentor teacher this morning may not sound as great as it does here, but I hope she understands that it was something I really had to do.

Well, I guess I should get to gettin'.  I have 30 minutes left before it's time to get I have 30 minutes to "tweek" my outline for next week.  Hopefully having an outline will be enough for my mentor.  The plan was to have all of my lesson plans completed by today - and obviously that hasn't happened.  I just hope she's OK with it.  We've planned next week together, I feel like I'm ready - let's just hope she feels as confident as I do.

Positive note of the day:
Rather than focusing on whether the glass if half full or half empty - focus on getting free refills.  

Wow, I'm starting to feel like Confucius...LOL  Yes, folk, I make these up myself.  :)

Till next time.  ;)

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