Friday, August 26, 2011


Oh, you guys are SOOOO not going to believe this.

I'm so excited, I can barely contain myself.... like I'm on the verge of peeing on myself in excitement... I want to yell from the roof tops....I want to jump up and dance a jig (if I knew how to dance a jig that is).


Can you believe it??  After months of crying and whining and stressing and crying...yeah, there was twice as much crying... the call finally came that I've been waiting for.

It's not a teaching position - but it's a foot in the door, it's a chance to be working with kids K-4th grade every day, and it's working in an elementary that I wanted to work in - because I got to meet a lot of the staff and the administration over the summer, and I LOVED THEM!!

I am going to be a Title 1 instructor.

It's a grant funded position in which I will work with teachers to pull kiddos that need a little extra help.  It will be small groups, individual work, and large group instruction.  I couldn't be more happy - well, unless I had my own classroom.... but I'm not even going there.

I met with the head of Human Resources this morning, and he gave me a long talk about how important it is for the school district to place teachers in teaching positions, and even though I wasn't being hired for a classroom teaching position - they would help me as much as possible to make that dream come true.  He openly expressed how I should look at the position as a foot in the door, and not to worry if I want to continue looking for a classroom job - and that I would hopefully find it right there in their school district.

I feel like I have truly been blessed with an amazing opportunity.

But, I bet you're all wondering about Head Start, right?

Well, let me say right now - I'd have rather had someone pull my fingernails off my fingers with a pair of tweezers than have to deliver news like that again.

The drive from the school to the Head Start was both one of my longest and shortest drives of my life.  The tight knot of boiling guilt that was raging inside of me had me on the verge of tears.

Even though Head Start was not my dream job, I can't say that I didn't really enjoy getting to know a great group of people....and I'm really going to miss them.  Even though I only got to work with them for a short time, I felt like the biggest jack ass having to tell them the news.

Especially my assistant.  That broke my heart.  I cried.  Even though it's only been two weeks, I really felt a connection with her - and know that I would have loved working with her.  It made it worse that she was so supportive.... I felt like an even bigger jerk.

At the end of the day, I just have to remember my goals....and even though I feel terrible for letting them down, I had to consider what was best for myself.  Thinking about myself is something I'm not used to - so it's no wonder the whole decision rested heavy on my heart.

So, there you have it... my big, huge, monstrous news!!

Till next time. ;)
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  2. Congrats on your new job. :)

    I feel like I'm breaking up with someone nice when I give notice to a job. It's like saying 'I really like you but, I found someone better.' Ouch!

  3. Joanna, you did the right thing, and now that you have beaten yourself up over having to tell the folks at HS the news -- THAT PART IS OVER. Over, do you hear me?

    And now --


  4. Omg!!! Amazing news! Im so happy to hear that you got that job, it seemed like you were not content with the other position so hopefully this one will make you happier!

  5. Thanks, everyone!! I am VERY happy, and extremely excited. :)

  6. Wooohooo!! So happy for you! One foot in the door, and I'm sure you'll enjoy this.. I can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye to Head Start, but I'm sure they all understand.. :)

    Btw, look at all these comments!! And you thought you might be boring.. Pssh!

  7. Oh my goodness! That is absolutely amazing news! So so happy for this very cool foot in the door. That must have been super tough to relay the news but you know your own goals! Very cool!

  8. that's awesome! congratulations :)


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