Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where Are Yooooouuuuu??? Echo, Echo, Echo

It seems that for the past several days, when I've logged on to my blog I haven't seen much except a few tumbleweeds blowing in the wind, crickets chirping, and cobwebs appearing out of nowhere.

I know that my posts lately have been dry, maybe a little boring.... but some have been really heart felt.  I hit the PUBLISH POST button, and think to myself "Wow, good job Joanna, that was a really good post".  I come back a few hours later to see if anyone shares my enthusiasm....nothing....and I've even lost a couple of followers.

Now I may not be the brightest crayon in the Crayola box, but I know how to take a hint.

I'm either boring you to tears so much that you're actually weeping after reading a post, and feel the sudden urge to spare yourself from any further torture.

Or, my posts are so dry that you just can't even think of a comment to write because you're nice people and writing "this sucks" in a comment goes against everything you believe in.

Maybe it's the fact that you think to yourself "well, she never comments on my blog so I'm just going to do what she does - read it and move on". 

I know.  I'm sitting here whining about not getting any comments, but I'm the world's worst at commenting..... but it's only because I haven't really had time since going back to work.  I'm still reading as many blogs as I can on the weekends - and I post on them when I read them.

Even though I've been blogging for almost two years, now, I'm still no blogging expert.  I struggle with coming up with stuff to write about that's witty or funny....but I can pull out a downer post with my eyes closed.  There's some serious need for improvement on my part, I know that.

Writing a blog daily is hard.  Trying to not repeat myself over and over is hard.  Thinking of new content that will be uplifting, humorous, and interesting is HARD.  I do my best with what I've got to work with.

I mean, I'm writing a weight loss blog that (lately) has rarely touched on weight loss.  I keep at it, though, because in my warped up sponge of a brain - I somehow believe that if I stop writing, I will cut the final string that's dangling me around the belief that I still plan on losing the weight - and that I won't give up hope that I will make it happen.....regardless of how far off course I've gotten.

Coming here every day to bore the crap share my life with you all gives me hope.  It keeps me connected to the blogging community.  It gives me peace, enjoyment, and a place to vent and yell and throw my little 3 year old tantrums.

Have you picked up on the fact that I'm picking at straws for content to write about? 

Geez, Louise.

Out here in my real life, I'm a pretty funny person.  Hand me a mic, give me a stage, and I'd be able to pull off some stand up comedy.  I'm loud.  Sometimes obnoxious.  But, I find humor in just about everything.  When I sit down to write, I sometimes feel that my fingers are attached to another part of my brain....the part that's absorbed the "boring" that isn't given off in my words.

I don't suffer from writing brain farts, I suffer from full blown writing brain diarrhea.  Eww....that's a mental picture for ya.

Apparently, I'm infected today.  I can't stop spewing out this garbage.  My fingers just keep moving, and as my eyes read the words I want to cringe and hide in a hole and hope that nobody sees me.

Sorry, folks, it's just one of those days. 

SO - here comes the part where I beg and plead ask for help.  I want to write some new material.  I want to really get into writing something decent.  Mostly, I want to write stuff that makes people want to comment, share their ideas, opinions, and all that.

To all of the people that are still reading this....there can't be that many, but hopefully a couple.... What type of topics do you like to read about?  Do you prefer reading blogs that pin point a specific subject, like weight loss?  What types of blog posts do you find that you comment on most often? 

Come on, help a starving blogger out, won't you?

Would you enjoy hearing about the cute, and hilarious things my 3 year old does?
Are you OK with me talking about my daily life - if I make it interesting?
Would you prefer that I try to stay focused on weight loss, because that's why you started reading my blog - and now you have strayed away because I've strayed away from the topic?
Do you prefer funny or serious?

Be honest with me - I'm a tough cookie, I can handle criticism, advice, brutal "no holds barred" honesty.  However, writing "you suck" isn't, if you're going to write that please put a "because" after I know why I suck and you have then made your comment into constructive criticism I can work with.

This weekend, I'm going to be hitting pen to paper and coming up with some plans, some big ideas, and rattle this brain around a little.

Bare with me, won't ya?  I promise I'm going to try and introduce the stand up comic in my head to the boring fart that writes these posts.  Come on, start suggesting.....I want you to have a part in this blog - so, what topics would you like to see more of?

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I like your blog. My favorite blogs have a variety. For instance incorporating things like blog hops (where you answer questions about yourself then link back to the original blog). You'll likely get comments and pick up followers that way and still be able to write about your weight loss journey. Hope that helps.

  2. I have just come across your blog! It is easy to feel bogged down if people don't comment, but there are people out there reading - so keep at it! As for ideas of what to write. Take inspiration from other peoples weight loss blogs!

  3. Feeling that what you have written is just blowing around in the wind isn't great. I have been reading and I am sure others have too. I lost a follower a couple of weeks ago but then I only had 20 to start with. :oD At least your writing means that more people even thought you were worth following in the first place.

    Why haven't I commented? - Same problem as you, just enough time to read the posts. I also kind of feel that spouting out the 'you can do it' comments just isn't going to cut it for you right now. It is about more than that and for you to be able to get the weight loss going again will take more than a few pep talks. Not knowing you in real life means I don't know you well enough to be able to help you figure out what is stopping you from being able to focus on it.

    What sort of things do I want to read about? - Well I love hearing about people's lives. I am very nosey ;o) so anything really. Reading about your struggles/successes with weight loss is always good because it either gives potential for things to think about when I am finding the going tough or inspiration for my journey.

  4. I've been secretly reading your blog, but now I have decided to emerge from the shadows (and officially follow you as well). I don't find your blog boring. But in general, I like blogs that stick to one main topic, but can discuss other things. For example, my blog is about weight loss. But that's not the only thing I talk about. I write funny stories about my life or the lack of a love life I have. It provides some spice and lets my readers see the real me. :)

  5. So, I tried commenting, but it didn't work?

    Anyway, I read your posts! I just never really commented before because I read them while at work and have to make it look like I'm being productive.

    As for the blog thing, what I do is I write about one major thing (like my weight loss) and that's the main focus. However, I don't only write about weight loss. Some days I'll tell little stories about my life or open up and talk about something personal. It's a way to break up any monotony as well as connect better with my readers. So that may be something to consider!

  6. I've never commented on your blog, but I do keep up with it everyday. I'm also the world's worst for commenting. I enjoy reading about your life, and your blogs have been great lately. All aspects. I can't wait to see what your classroom looks like! I used to work at Headstart too as an assistant. The kids were WILD, lol. (Hope that didn't scare you.) Course, now that I have a three year old, that's just how they act, haha.

    By the time I started following your blog, about a month ago maybe, you'd move a little form the weight loss, but that's okay to me. I think you are a great writer/blogger. You're really REAL, kwim? Keep up the good work :)

  7. Many of us are bad at commenting. I find that the posts I write that are sheer silliness get the most comments along with the weekly weigh ins. I do my best to keep each individual entry focused on ONE topic because I tend to be long winded and can go from one subject to the next to the next.. and that would probably bore everyone. Its hit and miss with blog followers. Just keep being yourself and the people who can relate to you the most will be the ones who will come out of the woodwork. Also people will tell you to incorporate visual stimuli to your posts. Images can help break up the paragraphs and keep visual interest. But I do feel you should work on commenting on other blogs. My list of followers is growing but its always still the same people who comment me all the time. Those are the ones that stick out in my mind because they are reaching out consistently and I try to do the same for them, u know? (See? Told u i was long winded) lol

  8. well, it's nice to know I'm not the only one not getting many comments.. I used to have tons of comments (sometimes even 10+ comments on one entry).. it's hard to go from that to none.. but I figure mine is because people stopped believing in what I was writing..

    I hope they'll start commenting more when I'm consistent again.. I hate that I don't comment more, as I love to reply to them, but since I use Google Reader, it's easy to just read and move on.. I'll try harder.. :)

  9. I have to be honest -- I was waiting to see what other people would write in response to this post!!! I agree with one of the gals above who said she didn't feel like the "you can do it!" comments were helpful to you right now. But I trust you can figure it out. And one of your followers gave you a "tough love" response a couple of weeks ago (about the job thing), and I loved that (and you seemed to love it, too), but I don't feel I'm in a position to give you those kinds of responses. I do read your blog every single day! Cathy


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